AM NY Restarts the Coney Island Conversation

The cover page of today’s AM NY newspaper is a testament to the potential future of our beloved Coney Island. The area’s revitalization has been an on again-off again hot topic for years and the conversation appears to be back on the table.

The waning days of summer are always bittersweet on Coney Island. But in recent years, the angst isn’t just a simple case of the end-of-season blues. It’s a gnawing uncertainty about how much of Coney’s treasured lore will survive into the next summer.
– Rolando Pujol, AM NY

Whatever fate may be in store for Coney Island, there is no denying the history, legacy and magical story behind this world-renowned attraction. ACEFEST is excited to be screening Last Summer at Coney Island in this year’s lineup. Please join us on this truly wonderful journey, led by master documentarian JL Aronson.

Download the Aug 12 edition of AM NY PDF

‘Last Summer at Coney Island’ plays Sat, Aug 21 at 3:20pm
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