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Chickens Ducks Poultry Goats Rabbits Cattle Meat Farming Profit Hydroponics For Sale

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Chickens Ducks Poultry Goats Rabbits Cattle Meat Farming Profit Hydroponics:

Western Digital ProductionseBooks This CD contains 25 books, they are the following: Hydroponics 237 pages Goat health handbook 134 pages Keeping Livestock Healthy 330 pages Rabbit Production 324 pages Raising Goats for Meat and Milk 137 pages Raising Ducks 189 pages Sheep Health Handbook 143 pages Raising Healthy Cattle Under Primitive Conditions 110 pages Raising Healthy Goats Under Primitive Conditions 129 pages Raising Healthy Poultry Under Primitive Conditions 79 pages Raising Healthy Rabbits Under Primitive Conditions 83 pages The Backyard Dairy Book 90 pages The Homesteaders Handbook for Raising Small Game 255 pages Employment of Drought Animals in Agriculture 263 pages Draft Horse Primer 397 pages Barnacle Parp's Chainsaw Guide 279 pages Environmentally Sound Small Scale Forestry Projects 122 pages Firewood Crops 251 pages Forest Farming 228 pages Short Rotation Forestry 38 pages Timber Drying Manual 171 pages Tree Crops 493 pages The Self Sufficient Gardener 255 pages The Nursery Manual (Greenhouse) 477 pages Survival Techniques (Poisonous plants and dangerous animals) 564 pages Tools for Homesteaders: Gardeners and Small Scale Farmers 559 pages- Making ox yoke - Wagon and wagon wheel making - Making a foot powered lathe - Making wooden locks - Shoemaking - Hide tanning - How to build a lumber kiln - How to churn butter - How to make cheese - Much more! Total in set 25 books on one CD. Thank you! Terms and Conditions CD ships new with nice colored label. Actual item shown below. Seller is sole copyright owner of this recordable media. All rights reserved. Entire compilation is © by Western Digital Productions.
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