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HERE IS ONE OF THE COOLEST THINGS I HAVE SEEN IN A LONG TIME! Here is an original VINTAGE (I belive approx 1974. The serial number is 8075318) SOXEX 3800 motorized bicycle. It is in the original and very appealing BLACK colored factory paint. If you like relatively cean and VERY UNIQUE original bikes, this may be a great bike for you. It was always stored inside in a clean dry area. With the insanely high price of gas (and the economy being bad) now is the time to ride a cool vintage bike!

*When I was growing up in the 1980s my dad used to run one of these around my city! He always had a blast with it and it got VERY good gas mileage! He had the only one like it back then and actually donated it to our local museum. I have not seen another one since then!

*This one RUNS AND RIDES, starts and stops!

Here is a short video of it in action.....

*This one is cool and appears to be 100% original parts from when it was new! WOW!!! See pics and be your own judge. I think it has survived the years quite well! It has a speedometer on it that does work. It shows 337 miles. Not sure if that was installed when new or not. (I would guess it was but dont know for sure) This one has the original frame with original Solex badging, orgiinal forks, wide cruiser handlebars, built in rear carrier rack, orgiainal engine with gas tank and muffler, original seat, (not ripped) original WORKING headlight and taillight, 3-piece cranks, and SO MUCH MORE! Again, I believe this to be 100% original parts from when it was new but am not an expert on these.

*This one is a LOT of fun to ride. It will go around 20-25 MPH.

*You can ride this one like a bicycle or a motorized bicycle. You can easily engage or disengage the engine from the front wheel by simply moving a lever. So, you get on the bike. To start it, you push the choke lever to the on position, engage the engine to the wheel with the simple lever, pull the small "compression release" lever on the right hand handlebar, and get pedaling. When you want it to start, simply release the compression release lever and this one STARTS RIGHT UP AND GOES! It has a brake lever for the drum brake on the right hand side. YES the brake does work and it does stop the moped. There is a swtich on the top of the engine so you can run it with the headlight and taillight ON or OFF. YES the headlight and taillight DO WORK.

*When I found this, the man who owned it said he had a very old "Whizzer motorbike" for sale. I had to check it out! I think these Solex bikes are even more rare than finding an antique Whizzer! He said his dad rode it around when he was younger and bascially stopped riding it about 15-20 years ago. It was in a clean dry storage building for the next 2 decades until I purchased it. I took this to a local shop who went through things for me. They said there was no fuel in the tank, They disassembled the carb and cleaned it. It fired right up and runs well! We put about 10 miles on it since just to be sure things were operating like they should and YES everything seems to work fine. It starts easily and runs smoothly. It does not smoke or make any odd noises. (again copy paste the video link and you can see it in action) PLEASE NOTE This one runs on 2-CYCLE OIL! This has a 2-STROKE ENGINE which means you have to PREMIX the gas and oil! IF YOU DO NOT you will lock up the engine. THIS THING IS SO MUCH FUN, I had a hard time deciding to sell it! I hope you enjoy it! It is a rare find indeed!

*The tires are 19x3/4". (I believe that is the measurment of the wheel. This one is larger than you think and an adult can easily ride it. They are vintage tires and do hold air. The bike has chrome rims front and rear.

*DIMENSIONS The distance from the ground to the top of the seat is approx 32". The distance from the floor to the top of the seat post tube is approx 25 1/2". The distance from the center of the crank to the top of the seat post clamp is approx 17 1/4". The center of the handlebar stem to the center of the seat post is approx 22". The bike will accommodate most any rider comfortably. This type of bike is a little more difficult to measure but I did my best.

*NOTED FLAWS It is not 100% flawless but is relativley nice! The paint looks relativley good for a 40+ year old bike! The chrome is shiney but is not perfect show quality. If you want to get picky, the headlight lens does have a crack. I was told this one never had a title so I do not have one. If you click on any of the pics they get very large to show lots of detail. Please take a look at all pics for exact condition and email with any questions before you offer.

*I HAVE DONE EVERYTHING TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY TO BE AS HONEST AS POSSIBLE! PIease check out all pics and email with ANY QUESTIONS. I have nothing to hide and want you to ENJOY your new ride! This would be fun to ride at car shows, cruise night, pits at the drag strip, on yoru school or COLLEGE CAMPUS, and so many more places! EVERYONE will ask where you found it! I hope you love this one for decades!!!! It is a RARE bike!

*SHIPPING NOTE! YES, we can ship this to you. The guys will have to drain the gas and disassemble it and ship it in TWO BOXES. Some assembly will be required. They do a great job but it is not imporrible for bolts to break etc. I think it should come apart failry easily as it is in pretty good condition but just so you are aware. Some assembly will be required. I know shipping is a little higher but I will have to pay to have it packed. FREE LOCAL PICKUP IS AN OPTION AND IS ENCOURAGED! Please DO NOT offer if you are ANYWHERE outside the lower 48 US States as I cannot ship to you. (Puerto Rico is possible but would probabaly be around $200-$250 or more via USPS Standard Post (10 day service) I always try to keep costs as fair as possible.

*This bike is COOL and I hope you love it! Would look cool in a museum or on display in your shop! I hope you love it!

*This appears to be a fairly nice original unmolested bicycle unless otherwise noted. A great bike to ride on relaxing days through the park or to the beach. Also would be a nice item to display in a shop, restaurant, rec room, sports bar, etc. Stand out from the crowd and be the envy of people who see you riding by. People will enjoy seeing you on your vintage bike! A great classic bike at a great price

*Why not ride a bike? You will live longer, feel better, and save $$$ vs of the insanely high cost of gasoline. If you are looking for a fun bike to ride and enjoy this may be it! A nice bike to cruise the beach or your local park! Priced way less than a dime store bike that wont be around 5 years from now, much less 30+ years like this one! Please give this bike a good home and DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY! Classic bikes are very cool because not everyone on the block has one! People love to see and talk about and ride these classic bikes! They are more popular now than ever before!

*This may be a great Birthday or other special holiday gift for someone! It is never too soon to think ahead and get someone something they may really like!! This starts reasonably with ABSOLUTELY so offer early and don't miss out! These are getting to be hard to find in any condition and to my knowledge, have not been reproduced.

*Sold as is simply because it is used. I try my very best to describe as accurately as possible and disclose anything I am aware of about the bike. PLEASE NOTE that many of the bikes I list have listed have been in long term storage and have not been regularly ridden in a while.(not a bad thing) They may need standard tuning, greasing, may have old tires, surface rust etc. I try to be as honest as possible and never want to disappoint anyone. If you have any questions regarding any specific things concerning the bike, please feel feel to ASK via emali before you offer. Keep in mind you are offerding on a 30+ year old bike that is not a brand new bicycle so it may need minor tuning, cables or cable adjustment, if tires are original, they may or may not have sidewall cracks, etc. I try to be as honest as I can and disclose anything I know about the bike. I want you to be happy with your new vintage purchase but please understand the bike may need some tlc to be road ready.

*By offerding please understand that you are purchasing a used bicycle that may or may not need tlc. If I notice an issue, I always try to note it in the sale listing. I want you to be excited about your new bike and hope you really enjoy your new vintage ride for years to come. Be sure to check out all pics and email with any questions you may have before you offer regarding condition, mechanical items, etc.

*NOTE REGARDING SHIPPING YOUR BIKE Your bike will be partially disassembled and shipped to you in a factory bicycle box. We try our best to package the bicycles carefully to avoid any unnecessary damage caused in transit however, scratches etc are possible to happen in transit which we have no control over once shipped. We try to package well so the bike arrives to you in the same condition as it left us.

*SHIPPING COSTS: Fed Ex, USPS, as well as UPS have recently raised their shipping rates due to the higher cost of fuel. Sorry for the slight increase in shipping costs.

*PLEASE NOTE, I WILL NO LONGER BE SHIPPING FULL SIZE BIKES OUTSIDE OF THE USA. This is due to the high cost of shipping and customs. If you are anywhere outside the lower 48 States including Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico contact me before you offer as shipping will cost more.</b>

*I have lots of other rare bicycles, bike parts and bike accessories, as well as vintage car parts and unique items on sale this week! Check them out! Combine items to save yourself $$$ on shipping! Email with any questions you may have.

Payment and Shipping


Paypal is 's accepted form of payment. Items are shipped every Tuesday and every Friday. Payments received by Monday generally ship on Tuesday. Payments received after generally ship on Friday.


SHIPPING TIME I ship bikes on Tuesdays and Fridays via Fed Ex. Generally, if I receive your payment by 1 pm central time on Monday, it allows me enough time to get your bike to the shop for packing and to ship along with the Tuesday AM shipment. If I receive your payment by 1 pm central time on Thursday, it gives enough time to have it packed and ship Friday AM. If paid after that time, please expect it to go out with the next shipment. (Wisconsin residents ONLY add 5.5% sales tax.)

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