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2DVD Vintage Police, Cops, Crime, Law Enforcement Films For Sale

2DVD Vintage Police, Cops, Crime, Law Enforcement Films

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2DVD Vintage Police, Cops, Crime, Law Enforcement Films:

Vintage Police & Cops Films 2DVDs Collector DVD and Case, Brand New
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  • In a nutshell, we find these films useful and valuable for many people and purposes. We hope the people who find value in them will feel they stumbled across a breath of fresh air into the past. So, whether you need a unique gift for a family member or a visual aid for your classroom, we will be here to offer you a relevant collection of footage that you have never seen.
Profile in Blue

Length: 19 Minutes | Produced: 1975

In the darkest hours of the common person's plight there is a force steadfastly there to help; a force waiting to uphold justice. The Nassau County Police Department is one of the finest police forces in the nation according to the film's narrator who takes us on a guided tour of the department's services. Complete with corny 1970s music, Profile In Blue, examines indispensable tools of the Police force including the job of the dispatcher - who can respond to queries in 90 seconds! - the computer response team, the air service, the bomb squad and much more. In honor of the fiftieth anniversary we are not only treated to a behind the scenes look of the 1975 Nassau police department, but we are privy to an entertaining and informative history lesson. Historically significant, the film is a reminder of the dedication of thousands of Police Officers across the country; a wonderful look at a Profile In Blue.

This is Your Police Department

Length: 24 Minutes | Produced: 1951

Tuebor - I will protect; a word remindful of the day when knights wore armor to defend their walled cities against invaders. Today there are no walled cities, but the word tuebor is still a living word for the guardians of cities across the country. The men of the Detroit police department breathe the word as day after day they fortify the city against crime, both personal and property. We follow Joe, an everyday man who feels the call to be more, to serve his city in such a way, as he joins the police force of Detroit. From his first days we see the training process, complete with such things as outdated criminal science and the infancy of the polygraph. From rookie to patrolman we see the many kinds of activitiesan average police officer has to deal with, including Detroit's finest at a parade ground, and a domestic dispute that is anything but civil. This informative film truly shows how policemen protect, how they are knights of a different age.

Your Police

Length: 16 Minutes | Produced: 1953

Going on vacation? Prowler glaring into your home? Having trouble crossing the street? The Police are there for that! This film explores the many wondrous and dangerous tasks cops perform in order to keep the average American safe from harm. Obvious propaganda about the great police force of the 1950s, the film also serves as educational glimpse into problems that still plague law officers today, such as child molesters haunting playgrounds and responding to deadly accidents. The rhetoric of the film claims, if you allow the police to serve you properly, the world will be safer, cleaner, and a more pleasant to live.

Safety Patrol

Length: 10 Minutes | Produced: 1937

Crossing the street is not a simple task, but something which requires attention to detail and following the proper laws in order to stay safe and out of someone's dashboard. "Safety Patrol" is 1955's attempt to educate children and adults alike in the proper ways to cross streets and the terrible results that happen when someone is lazy or ignorant of the law. A tribute to a time when safety laws were not only heeded, but advocated, this follows a young safety patroller around as he talks to a responsible cop about the dos and don'ts of patrol.

Saint Paul Police Detectives

Length: 9 Minutes | Produced: 1941

The St. Paul Police Department is there for you. Combining live talking with brilliant stop motion animation, we examine how the police force protects Joe Citizen from crime. Each division, such as homicide and auto theft , is illustrated by various creative animations, such as two cars chasing around a small scale city representative of St. Paul. And because of these divisions, that work tirelessly day and night, crime has decreased dramatically. A brilliant, if wacky, look at the police services of the 1940s, Saint Paul Police Detectives is a must see.

Fire and Police Service

Length: 11 Minutes | Produced: 1947

All over the country wherever people live and wherever they go, they are in danger. What so endangers millions of Americans? One enemy is crime, the other, fire. Together they destroy many lives and cost millions of dollars each year. What then can prevent such loss of life and property? In this vocational film from 1947 we have our answer. Both professions of fighting fire and fighting crime is broken down for potential recruits. Old equipment and techniques for fire rescue is shown in considerable depth, explaining how first aid training is a must, as well as exploring the different forms of law enforcement, such as patrolmen, crime prevention and traffic control. Crime and disaster rests for no one; therefore it is all the more necessary to have brave men and women fighting for you and your property.

Booked for Safekeeping

Length: 32 Minutes | Produced: 1960

Mental illness is no laughing matter, especially for police officers. It is a daily problem they have to face; how to treat the mentally ill so that they do not hurt themselves or others. In, Booked for Safekeeping, a Louisiana police department offers training on how to accurately and safely deal with people with mental disorders. We explore a couple of scenarios, an elderly woman who is confused, causing a scene at a market, a man who repeatedly has attempted suicide, and a knife wielding man the police subdue rather than kill. Some of the solutions suggested would never be suggested today but, others like the compassionate act of the two police officers helping the elderly lady home is still seen today. An interesting comparison to mental health standards and police training of today, the film offers a glimpse into a very real course of the police person's daily beat; even though from the 60s it is strangely modern in its subject material.

Police Dogs in Action

Length: 11 Minutes | Produced: 1950s

Man's best friend is not only a gentle companion but, a friendly ever present creature to lift you up when you are feeling blue and protect your home from outside threats. Man's best friend is also a worker, a soldier on the front lines of crime and missing children. A tireless guardian of our homes, our cities, our lives. In Police Dogs in Action, Hiro, the German Shepard, is seen in action as he tracks down a missing child, scouts out a building for squatters and thieves, and attacks a man wearing a body suit during training. We see the dedicated nature of the animal and how they thrive to help. When off the job, like any other police officer, Hiro enjoys being at home - his home is with his trainer and partner on the police force. Together at all times, the film shows the close bond between canine and man. A remarkable film about a still useful partnership, Police Dogs in Action, is an excellent example of the bond between dog and human as well as a look at how cops are looking to outside help to do their job and do it well.

Play Street

Length: 10 Minutes | Produced: 1950s

In a time defined by building up and building better, it is easy to forget those left in the wake of such progress without anywhere to play or look for hope. The Police Athletic League of New York looks for solutions to remedy these marginalized and forgtotten persons. Stark footage of children rifling through cluttered, trash littered streets in search of diversion from the summer heat shows the hopelessness of many poverty stricken areas such as the Bronx. But, the Police Athletic League, or PAL as it is commonly known, works hard to close off certain streets and build playgrounds in order to give children a place to play. From having such places, the film states they can help keep good kids good and give special attention to the kids who habitually get in trouble. PAL is a pal indeed to the kids of New York and is an excellent example of the many programs designed to help prevent crime before it happens.

Tear Gas Demo

Length: 9 Minutes | Produced: 1970s

This is a silent collection of footage of police officers demonstrating tear gas products and techniques. What a find!

Signal 30

Length: 27 Minutes | Produced: 1959

"This is not a Hollywood production as can be readily seen." Thus begins one of the most infamous and shocking safety films ever made. Featuring graphic footage of real fatal car accidents, Signal 30 is the notoriously horrific gore-fest that was shown to unsuspecting high schoolers and drivers ed students for decades to "inform" them about teen car accidents. Presented by the Ohio State Highway Patrol, the film promotes automobile safety and safe driving by documenting the carnage of car road traffic accidents. Using sick graphic video clips as scare tactics, the extremely upsetting nature of this film urges drivers to be responsible, as explained by a deadpan and creepy narrator. Most often the victims who are shown are dead or horribly injured, and almost any viewer is scared straight. Signal 30 is a historically significant video that has often been imitated in popular culture. Of all the drivers ed videos, this film is the real thing; and it lives up to its reputation for making a stomach turn.

Why We Respect The Law

Length: 14 Minutes | Produced: 1950

This 50s educational film explains to children how laws are good for society, and why they should be respected. Ken, a young boy, steals some lumber to build baseball backstops for his baseball teams field, but is later seized by guilt though he hadnt been caught stealing. Confused by this ethical dilemma, he goes to his familys lawyer, who tries to sort out the whole business for Ken. The honest lawyer takes Kens shoes in an effort to get Ken to see why stealing wrong, and to begin to understand a code of ethics. The free law advice continues, as he also notes that rules are necessary to keep law and order in society, just like natural laws keep order in the physical world. This and other examples of ethical principles make for important life lessons and the lawyer is clearly at ease talking openly with children. In the end, Ken realizes that if everyone stole, the world would not be a very safe and secure place to live. He and his friends arrange to pay for the lumber and Ken learns a valuable lesson. The ethical culture described in Why We Respect the Law exudes the attitudes of conformity and complete absence of ethical relativism that was present in the 1950s. One of the better educational videos of its time.

Doubtful Dollars

Length: 16 Minutes | Produced: 1940s

This film describes the processes by which counterfeit money is disseminated into the economy. First, a comically stereotyped gangster is shown handing phony bills to his gang of hustlers, who are shown only from the neck down. Then, they go out to retail stores and buy something small and cheap with a big bill, effectively turning their fake bills into real ones with the change they receive. The last part of the film shows how to spot counterfeit bills so people dont get duped, and there is a fascinating look at a real mint where dollar bills are being made. The Secret Service has a large presence in the film.

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