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3, 16mm 800' FILM on Reel random mixed, educational, cartoons from library For Sale

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3, 16mm 800' FILM on Reel random mixed, educational, cartoons from library:

You are buying 3(three) 16mm cans with film comes with REELS. Prior sales were sold on core only and did not have the reels. The cans with reel are for 800ft and the film inside depending on the title will range in size depending on what it is in the picture you can make out some of the titles. Sorry i do not have time to go through and pull out titles that is why im selling cheap. Im sure there are stuff in there that are worth Hundreds of dollars ,rare finds and some that are not. Bought portion of the Pasadena CA school Library 20 years ago thinking i will have time to go though and use them but ended up getting into another career and never had time. I will make sure you don't get vinegar syndrome film but because i will not put them on projector one by one i will not know the condition of the film. Film will be shipped media mail with label affixed to film canister. Film will be a random selection from the stacks and stacks you see in pictures. In good condition. Color with sound, black and white with or without sound. Subject areas include nature, history, and technology documentaries, cartoons, after-school special type films, and many quirky subjects. Open to sell in bulk 50-300 if you want to start your own store. send me message best to pick up when in bulk. Bulk purchases pick up preferred from Los Angeles, CA
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