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3DTV Glasses (ONE) for Nvidia® 3D Vision System For Sale

3DTV Glasses (ONE) for Nvidia® 3D Vision System

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3DTV Glasses (ONE) for Nvidia® 3D Vision System :

Nvidia3D Vision CompatibleRechargeable Glasses ModelNV2(ONE)



  • COMPATIBLE with Nvidia®, and 3DTV Corp® glasses and Emitters and others.
  • Compatible with Nvidia 3D vision kit
  • Superior image -no ghosting, no tinting.
  • Come with extra felt nosepads
  • Switch frequency:50hz ~ 144hz
  • ca. 30' (10 m) wireless range

For other items please see our store

The optional Gen2 emitter with these or any of our glasses is compatible withMitsubishi and Samsung DLP TV's and 3D Ready DLP Projectors,etc. and Optoma 3D-XL Converter andVIP Displayer etcor the Moome EXTV3 Box (for 3D input to 3D Ready DLP or any 3D Frame Sequential Compatible LCD or CRT Projectors/monitors) and permits use of ANY 3DTV Corp Glasses or over 30other kinds.

If you need glasses compatible with the Mitsubishi 3D Starter kit or any other 3d product please use this link to our store for the Model CS Bulletproof or Model SA3 Rechargeable glasses

Optional Parts

3DTV Universal Emitters

Ourmulti-standard emitters can work with most types of wirelessglasses . See our storefor latest details.

3DTVDongles (MVD- Manual Vesa Dongle) or DSS (DVI Sync Splitter)

For use with PC's and DLP Projectors or CRT monitors and projectors. They havea jack for the miniDin Vesaplug on the Gen2 Universal wireless emitter. It should be connected between PC graphic card and monitor ’s or dlp projector’s input.

Works with over 100 different models of consumer 3d ready DLP projectors and 50 models of Mitsubishi and Samsung DLP 3DTV sets (with optional adapter), as well as CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) type TV sets, projectors and computer monitors . You must have 3D software and the emitter. Compatible with the wireless glasses and gaming dongle (interface) sold by X3D. I/0, Razor, Edimensional and others for the last 10 years.

Why buy from us:

  • We are in the3D business for37 years.
  • We have our own experts on staff.
  • We have made dozens of 3D products for over 30 years.
  • We sell at competitive prices and often the lowest available.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.Your pleasant shopping experience is our goal.


Payments through PayPal are the safest, quickest way for you to expedite your order.Please contact us for bank transfer information for larger orders.Payment should be made within 3 days of purchase.Non-paying buyers will be reported to and the item will be re-listed.If you need more time to make your payment, please let us know.

Shipping information:

  • We usually ship within 1-3 business days after receiving payment.
  • All express methods of shipment still require 1-3 days of processing time. If you need it quicker, you mustconfirm with email andpaythe extra charge.
  • Canada and other international buyers are responsible for all duties, customs charges, and/or brokerage fees. We cannot ship as a gift, or claim as lower value.


We maintain a large stock of most items so pleaseenquire for large orders or to be our dealer.

About Us:

3DTV Corp was established in 1989and made the front page of the Wall Street Journal by introducing the first home 3DTV system with LCD shutter glasses and 3D movies on VHS tape at the 1990 CES. See our page for the long list of original world first 3D products. Prior to this we started StereoGraphics Corp (now RealD).

Subsequently, 3DTV introduced a wide variety of consumer and professional products for 3D video, graphics and Virtual Reality. Including:

  • “Solidizing”-- a realtime process for converting 2D video into 3D.
  • The first full color stereoscopic CDROM (“3D Magic”) including games for the pc with shutter glasses.
  • The first consumer wireless LCD shutter glasses system.
  • Perfected a full color anaglyph --“SpaceSpex™”—and released “StereoMac 3D” --the first LCD glasses system for MacIntosh.
  • Created the shutter glasses hardware for the NeoTek 3D CDROM series—still the only common stereoscopic educational software system.
  • Produced a compact stereo camera for NASA’s Mars program and collaborated with Neotek to produce the first 3D DVDROM system for PC—TriDVD.
  • Released the first shutter glasses 3D movies on VHS and later onDVD.
  • Provided the hardware for TriD, the first and by far easiest to use digital HD 3D record/edit/autoplayback video system running on standard Windows pc’s.
  • Recently, weintroduced the first Universal Wireless glasses transmitters and glasses (for Home/mid-range/cinema) able to work with8 different wireless glasses/emitter systems and about 20 models of glasses.

Warranty and return policy:

If there is a problem with your order, please CONTACT US FIRST for the RMA # and an address using messaging. DO NOT return to the address on the box you received. If product is defective, a refund or exchange will be offered if contacted within 14 days of receiving the item. You MUST include a copy of your invoice. No refunds will be offered if we are not contacted within the 14 days approval period or if packages are sent to the wrong address or without an RMA # or invoice! Buyer pays return postage and must ship the item as requested to the address we provide (NOT the address on the package!).
One-year Limited warranty for our Emitters and 30 days for 3d glasses beginning on the date of the purchase. The buyer shall bear the cost of shipping the product to 3DTV. 3DTV shall bear the cost of shipping repairs or replacements of product back to the buyer(within the United States of America) after the completion of service under this limited warranty.

About response

Our goal is to provide 5-star service to youat all times.If you feel our product or service do not meet your expecation in anyway, please do give us a chance towork it out for you.


1、How does the Gen2emitter hook up to your3D ready tv, projector or computer?

Many models of 3D Ready DLP tvs from Samsung and Mitsubishi work with our Universal Emitter and glasses. Usually you have play the 3D video on a computer with a player that puts out the checkerboard format used by these tv’s. Wimmer’s StereoScopic player , Suto’s StereoPlayer and DDD’s TriDef player are some of those you can use.

For a pc you need a one of the common (ca 1 million sold by 3DTV Corp, I/O Displays, Razor, X3D, eDimensional etc) black triangular synchronizing dongles (AVD)OR our MVD (Manual Vesa Dongle)connected between PC graphic card and monitor. These dongles have a stereo (3D) VESA plug for the Universal Emitter (and also a mini stereo plug for wired 3d glasses which are also sold by 3DTV Corp). For the AVD you also need software that turns on the 3D function of this dongle such as that from X3D, 3DTV Corp, eDimensional , Neotek or the correct setting of Wimmer’s StereoScopic player.

You can also plug the Universal Emitter into any of the Nvidia Quadro or ATI Fire Pro Professional cards that have the VESA 3D plug. See the Wiki for a list.

2、What models of Samsung or Mitsubishi TV’s or of DLP projectors are 3D Ready?


  • 3、Are these 3d glasses compatible with newest (i.e., 2010) Samsung/Sony/Panasonic etc 3D televisions?

No the NV1 work only with the Nvidia Emitter OR with the 3DTV Corp Gen2Emitter. For other 3DTV's see our store compatible glasses bundles.

We want you to be pleased with our service and use us

All trademarks above mentionedare property of their respective owners!

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