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Antique Smile Precure Pretty Cure Movie limited bag pouch vinyl set of 5 rare! For Sale

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Antique Smile Precure Pretty Cure Movie limited bag pouch vinyl set of 5 rare!:

Movie limited bag pouch vinyl set Please have a look at the photos. Thank you. !!! If you wish to bundle it !!! 1. If you make a successful offer for multiple items, you do not need to pay the shipping fee for each item. Please wait without paying after it makes a successful offer. We will send you an invoice with the included discount, so please pay the invoice. 2. If you don't know how to do it, please contact the "contact seller" or "question" for the included consultation. I will tell you the exact method. 3. Please be assured that even if you pay the shipping fee separately in advance, we will refund the overpaid amount by PAYPAL. !! !! Everyone living in the United States! !! !!!!! From April 1, 2021, the shipping fee has changed due to the price increase of Japan Post's international mail !!!!! The airmail charges will be as follows. I hope you can use it as a guide for the shipping fee included. I look forward to working with you. 100g $ 7.8 200g $ 9.8 300g $ 11.5 400g $ 13.5 500g $ 14.2 600g $ 15.2 700g $ 17.2 800g $ 18.5 900g $ 19.7 1kg $ 22 1.1kg $ 23 1.2kg $ 24 1.3kg $ 26 1.4kg $ 27 1.5kg $ 28 1.6kg $ 30 1.7kg $ 32 1.8kg $ 34 1.9kg $ 35 2.0kg $ 36 If there is any damage, difference or non-delivery of the item, please be sure to send a direct message to me before opening the case. I will definitely respond.
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