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JUNJI ITO STORY COLLECTION New Manga (English Version) Half Set Volume 1-10 DHL For Sale

JUNJI ITO STORY COLLECTION New Manga (English Version) Half Set Volume 1-10  DHL
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JUNJI ITO STORY COLLECTION New Manga (English Version) Half Set Volume 1-10 DHL:

JUNJIITO STORY COLLECTION New Manga (English Version) Half Set Volume 1-10

Product Information

Junji Ito Story Collection (1-10)

Art & Story By Junji Ito

English Version

Underground Publish

Size : 133mm x 190mm


Junji Ito Story Collection:Lovesickness

Ryusuke returns to the town he once lived inbecause rumors are swirling about girls killing themselves after encountering abewitchingly handsome young man. Harboring his own secret from time spent inthis town, Ryusuke attempts to capture the beautiful boy and close the case,but…

Starting with the strikingly bloody“Lovesickness,” this volume collects ten stories showcasing horror master JunjiIto in peak form, including “The Strange Hikizuri Siblings” and “The RibWoman.”

Junji Ito Story Collection: No LongerHuman Omnibus

Mine has been a life of much shame. I can't evenguess myself what it must be to live the life of a human being.Plagued by a maddening anxiety, the terrible disconnect between his own conceptof happiness and the joy of the rest of the world, Yozo Oba plays the clown inhis dissolute life, holding up a mask for those around him as he spirals everdownward, locked arm-in-arm with death.Osamu Dazai’s immortal—and supposedly autobiographical—work of Japaneseliterature, is perfectly adapted here into a manga by Junji Ito. The imagerywrenches open the text of the novel one line at a time to sublimate Yozo’smental landscape into something even more delicate and grotesque. This is theultimate in art by Ito, proof that nothing can surpass the terror of the humanpsyche.

Junji ito story collection: Frankenstein

Junji Ito meets Mary Shelley! The master ofhorror manga bends all his skill into bringing the anguished and solitarymonster—and the fouler beast who created him—to life with the brilliantlydetailed chiaroscuro he is known for.Also included are six tales of Oshikiri—a high school student who lives in adecaying mansion connected to a haunted parallel world. Uncanny doppelgangers,unfortunately murdered friends, and a whole lot more are in store for him.Bonus: The Ito family dog! Thrill to the adventures of Non-non Ito, an adorableMaltese!

Junji Ito Story Collection: Remina

An unknown planet emerges from inside awormhole, and its discoverer, Dr. Oguro, christens the body “Remina” after hisown daughter. His finding is met with great fanfare, and Remina herself risesto fame. However, the object picks up speed as it moves along in its curiouscourse, eliminating planets and stars one after another, until finally Earthitself faces extinction… Is the girl Remina the true cause of the catastrophe?A masterwork of horror from Junji Ito, unfolding on a universal scale.

Junji Ito StoryCollection:Sensor

Horror master Junji Ito explores a newfrontier with a grand cosmic horror tale in which a mysterious woman has herway with the world!Did she wander in? Or was she drawn in…?A woman walks alone at the foot of Mount Sengoku. A man appears, saying he’sbeen waiting for her, and invites her to a nearby village. Surprisingly, thevillage is covered in hairlike volcanic glass fibers, all shining a brightgold. That night, as the villagers gaze up at the starry sky, countlessunidentified flying objects come raining down on them—the opening act for theterror about to occur.

Junji Ito Story Collection:Venus In The Blind Spot

This striking collection presents the mostremarkable short works of Junji Ito’s career, featuring an adaptation of RampoEdogawa’s classic horror story “The Human Chair” and fan favorite “The Enigmaof Amigara Fault.” With a deluxe presentation—including special color pages,and showcasing illustrations from his acclaimed long-form mangaNoLonger Human—each chilling tale invites readers to revel in a world ofterror.

Junji Ito Story Collection:Deserter

A vengeful family hides an army deserter foreight years after the end of World War II, cocooning him in a false realitywhere the war never ended. A pair of girls look alike, but they’re not twins.And a boy’s nightmare threatens to spill out into the real world…This hauntingly strange story collection showcases a dozen of Junji Ito’searliest works from when he burst onto the horror scene, sowing fresh seeds ofterror.

Junji Ito StoryCollection:Smashed

Thirteen Chilling Nightmares Presented by theMaster of Horror.Try not to be noticed when you eat the secret nectar, otherwise you'llgetsmashed... What horrific events happened to create theearthbound-peopletied to a certain place for the rest of their short lives? A strange hauntedhouse comes to town, but no one expects it to lead to a real hell... Welcome toJunji Ito's world, a world with no escape from endless nightmares.

Junji Ito Story Collection:Black Paradox

"I SAW IT. A DAZZLING WORLD ...YES,ANOTHER WORLD.""I'M SURE I SAW A WORLD THAT WAS NOT THIS ONE."Four people intent on killing themselves meet through the suicide website BlackParadox: Maruso, a nurse who despairs about the future; Taburo, a man who istortured by his doppelganger; Pii-tan, an engineer with his own robot clone;and Baracchi, a girl who agonizes about the birthmark on her face.They wander together in search of the perfect death, fatefully opening a doorthatleads them to arather bizarre destiny...



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