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LSD Hallucinogens Marijuana Hippies Movies Vintage Drug Scare Films DVD For Sale

LSD Hallucinogens Marijuana Hippies Movies Vintage Drug Scare Films DVD

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LSD Hallucinogens Marijuana Hippies Movies Vintage Drug Scare Films DVD:

Please read & note:

This is a Rights holding DVD created & produced by me and is not factory made or sealed.

I strive to produce the best DVD's possible from the sometimes VERY old Public Domain material. Films that are public domain are unpreserved and not professionally re-mastered. I re-master all of my films myself to the best possible quality achievable.

My DVDs are not the quality of todays Modern DVDs or Bluray discs. If you are looking for this kind of quality then these discs are not for you.

All pictures are actual screen captures from the DVDs.

Please note this when purchasing, but also know that all of the films are very watchable.

To keep my prices as low as possible all my DVDs are delivered in plain paper DVD sleeves and the DVDs title will be labeled on the back of the DVD envelope. (See picture)

All of my DVD's come with a menu for easy film selection.

Total runtime of this DVD is 119 minutes.

Item specifics are:


Film 1: Drugs Are Like That (1969) COLOR Runtime 16 minutes

This educational short film hosted by Anita Bryant features two hideously dressed children (girl and boy) who are talking about drugs. The girl had a lady come and talk to her class about drugs. The girl basically recounts the speakers' message to her brother, the message seems to compare drugs to many things including a lake, children's' games, a girl getting cookies and falling, and swinging on a rope into the aforementioned lake. The kids are building something with Legos, which develops into a subplot. Eventually the Lego thing is destroyed after the girl changes the design, the kids speculate that people are like that machine, in that if you change one thing (doing drugs) you can destroy your life.

Release Date: 1969

Entered the Public Domain: 1997


Film 2: The Mind - Benders: LSD and the Hallucinogens (1970) COLOR Runtime 24 minutes

This film explores the history of hallucinogenic drugs, and specifically the effects and therapeutic uses of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). Combining graphics that suggest a hallucinogenic experience, snippets of interviews with users (who explain their reasons for taking the drug) and doctors, and taped sessions of research with volunteers, the film delves into the destructive as well as possible positive uses of the drug.

Release Date: 1970

Entered the Public Domain: 1998

Film 3: Social Seminar: Bunny (1971) Faded COLOR Runtime 16 minutes

Part of the Social Seminar documentary series by UCLA and the National Institute of Mental Health. This time, we don't really focus on a total pothead, but an occasional drug user. Bunny uses drugs from time to time (usually after groovy pot luck dinners with two kinds of garlic bread), but looks to me like your typical late 60's/early 70's mixed up kid who's tired of everything around her and not afraid to experiment. Luckily, Bunny seems to have a good head on her, not unlike her comrades in the rest of this series.

Release Date: 1971

Entered the Public Domain: 1999


Film 4: Social Seminar: Tom (1971) Faded COLOR Runtime 18 minutes

Presents Tom, a 26-year-old who has dropped out and has dropped everything, LSD, mescaline, psilocybin and some things familiar only to obscure chemists in Berkeley.

Release Date: 1971

Entered the Public Domain: 1999


Film 5: Social Seminar: Guy (1971) Faded COLOR Runtime 18 minutes

This one diverges from the hippie/dropout white middle class youth to show the life of a somewhat poor young Chicano with divorced parents and a hostile father. This, of course, leads to drugs. There is a group meeting or seminar with some sort of (seemingly loaded) teacher or counselor who tells the students that if they are high on campus, they should come to him cause he won't bust them. The gang hangs out, alcohol and funny cigarettes are consumed, and pills are popped. Then the inhalants are huffed. Watch the brain die right there on camera for you.

Release Date: 1971

Entered the Public Domain: 1999


Film 6: Social Seminar: Changing (1971) Faded COLOR Runtime 27 minutes

About twice as long as the other "Social Seminar" films, here we see a slightly older (30-ish) man and woman with children. But just who are these people? The interaction with the boy near the beginning shows love and caring. Then you hear them call people they know "two-faced," "screw 'em" and are worried that people think they are hippies. Then they appear to be leading some sort of counseling session. Of course, the drugs come out and they put the kids to bed. Turns out the man is a disillusioned truck mechanic who had a turn around in the past year and grew his beard. These films are wonderfully NOT narrated and seem to show real people as they really are.

Release Date: 1971

Entered the Public Domain: 1999


I claim ownership and rights to this media.

All the films on this DVD have been researched and are copyright free or the copyrights have expired due to non renewal.

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