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Lot of 4 Sexy Laserdiscs BLUE VELVET Fatal Attraction Two Moon Junction 9 1/2 N3 used, new for sale - www.acefest.com
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Lot of 4 Sexy Laserdiscs BLUE VELVET Fatal Attraction Two Moon Junction 9 1/2 N3 For Sale

Lot of 4 Sexy Laserdiscs BLUE VELVET Fatal Attraction Two Moon Junction 9 1/2 N3
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Lot of 4 Sexy Laserdiscs BLUE VELVET Fatal Attraction Two Moon Junction 9 1/2 N3:

Lot of 4 Sexy Laserdiscs BLUE VELVET Fatal Attraction Two Moon Junction 9 1/2 N3Discs are in excellent condition. Covers have some cornerwear, edgewear, creasing and ringwear/scuffing.Shipping is $10 for this order and $3 for each additional Laserdisc ordered.I do not test all my laserdiscs, but I do visually inspect each disc and I will test any disc that has excess dirt/scratching or signs of laser rot. I do offer free returns and refunds if you find any issues like laser rot or unplayability. This is a LASERDISC and will only play in a LASERDISC PLAYER. This is NOT a DVD and will NOT play in a DVD player.These Laserdiscs will be shipped inside it's sleeve, unless otherwise requested. It will be shipped in a 13 x 13 by 2" or 4" box with plenty of bubble wrap. DO NOT CRUSH will be written on outside of shipping box.Combining orders always available, just select buy it now and before you pay, wait for an invoice with combined shipping. (And let me know when you are done shopping/purchasing orders, so I can expedite the invoice)Blue VelvetPlotCollege student Jeffrey Beaumont returns to his hometown of Lumberton, North Carolina, after his father, Tom, has a near-fatal attack from a medical condition. Walking home from the hospital, Jeffrey cuts through a vacant lot and discovers a severed human ear, which he takes to police detective John Williams. Williams' daughter Sandy tells Jeffrey that the ear somehow relates to a lounge singer named Dorothy Vallens. Intrigued, Jeffrey enters her apartment by posing as an exterminator. While there, he steals a spare key while she is distracted by a man in a distinctive yellow sport coat, whom Jeffrey nicknames the "Yellow Man".Jeffrey and Sandy attend Dorothy's nightclub act, in which she sings "Blue Velvet", and leave early so Jeffrey can infiltrate her apartment. Dorothy returns home and undresses; she finds Jeffrey hiding in a closet and forces him to strip at knifepoint, but he retreats to the closet when Frank Booth, a psychopathic gangster and drug lord, arrives and interrupts their encounter. Frank beats and rapes Dorothy while inhaling gas from a canister, alternating between fits of sobbing and violent rage. After Frank leaves, Jeffrey sneaks away and seeks comfort from Sandy.Surmising that Frank has abducted Dorothy's husband Don, and son Donnie, to force her into sex slavery, Jeffrey suspects that Frank cut off Don's ear to intimidate her into submission. While continuing to see Sandy, Jeffrey enters into a sadomasochistic relationship with Dorothy, in which she encourages him to hit her. Jeffrey sees Frank attending Dorothy's show and later observes him selling drugs and meeting with the Yellow Man. Jeffrey then sees the Yellow Man meeting with a "well-dressed man".When Frank catches Jeffrey leaving Dorothy's apartment, he abducts them and takes them to the lair of Ben, a criminal associate holding Don and Donnie hostage. Frank permits Dorothy to see her family and forces Jeffrey to watch Ben perform an impromptu lip-sync of Roy Orbison's "In Dreams", which moves Frank to tears. Afterwards, he and his gang take Jeffrey and Dorothy on a high-speed joyride to a sawmill yard, where he again attempts to sexually abuse Dorothy. When Jeffrey intervenes and punches him in the face, an enraged Frank and his gang pull him out of the car. Replaying the tape of "In Dreams", Frank smears lipstick on his face and violently kisses Jeffrey. Frank then has Jeffrey restrained and beats him unconscious, while Dorothy pleads for Frank to stop. Jeffrey awakens the next morning, bruised and bloodied.While visiting the police station, Jeffrey discovers that the Yellow Man is Detective Williams's partner Tom Gordon, who has been murdering Frank's rival drug dealers and stealing confiscated narcotics from the evidence room for Frank to sell. After Jeffrey and Sandy declare their love for each other at a party, they are pursued by a car which they assume belongs to Frank; as they arrive at Jeffrey's home, Sandy realizes the driver is her ex-boyfriend, Mike. After Mike threatens to beat Jeffrey for stealing his girlfriend, Dorothy appears on Jeffrey's porch naked, beaten, and confused. Mike backs down as Jeffrey and Sandy whisk Dorothy to Sandy's house to summon medical attention.When Dorothy calls Jeffrey "my secret lover", a distraught Sandy slaps him for cheating on her. Jeffrey asks Sandy to tell her father everything, and Detective Williams then leads a police raid on Frank's headquarters, killing Frank's men. Jeffrey returns alone to Dorothy's apartment, where he discovers Don dead and Gordon mortally wounded. As Jeffrey leaves the apartment, the "Well-Dressed Man" arrives, sees Jeffrey in the stairs, and chases him back inside. Realizing that the "Well-Dressed Man" is Frank in disguise, Jeffrey uses Gordon's walkie-talkie to say he is in the bedroom (to distract Frank, who has a police radio) before hiding in the closet. When Frank arrives, he starts shooting around the apartment, in the process killing Gordon. Frank deduces where Jeffrey is hiding, and Jeffrey kills Frank with Gordon's gun upon Frank opening the door. Moments later, Sandy and Detective Williams arrive.Some time later, Jeffrey and Sandy have continued their relationship, Tom Beaumont has recovered, and Dorothy has been reunited with her son.
Cast Isabella Rossellini as Dorothy Vallens
Kyle MacLachlan as Jeffrey Beaumont
Dennis Hopper as Frank Booth
Laura Dern as Sandy Williams
Hope Lange as Mrs. Pam Williams
Dean Stockwell as Ben
George Dickerson as Detective John Williams
Priscilla Pointer as Mrs. Frances Beaumont
Frances Bay as Aunt Barbara
Jack Harvey as Mr. Tom Beaumont
Ken Stovitz as Mike Shaw
Brad Dourif as Raymond
Jack Nance as Paul
J. Michael Hunter as Hunter
Dick Green as Don Vallens
Fred Pickler as Detective Tom Gordon, the "Yellow Man"
Jon Jon Snipes as Little Donnie
9 1/2 Weeks
PlotElizabeth McGraw, an employee at a SoHo art gallery, meets John Gray, a Wall Street arbitrageur, at a Chinese grocer, and later at a street fair where he buys her an expensive scarf. They start dating, but John's strange behavior escalates, and he gives her an expensive gold watch with instructions to think about him touching her at noon every day. Elizabeth goes further and masturbates at work at the designated time.Elizabeth wants to introduce John to her friends, but he only wants to see her in the evenings and tells her to see her friends during the day. One evening, she is alone in his apartment and finds a photo of him with another woman named April Tover. When John calls and asks if she went through his things, she admits it. He threatens to punish her, and when he returns home, he orders her to face the wall for a spanking. Elizabeth tries to leave, but the door is locked. John slaps her, she slaps him back, and he rapes her. Despite this, Elizabeth falls in love with John, so she starts to enjoy his dominant behavior and has sex with him on top of a clock tower.John takes control of all aspects of Elizabeth's life, from what she wears and eats to how he brushes her hair and feeds her. Elizabeth becomes increasingly dependent on John, losing her sense of self. One day, she follows John to work and brings him lunch, telling him she wants to "be one of the guys". John arranges for her to crossdress for a rendezvous at a bar at the Algonquin Hotel, but after the exit they are mistaken for a gay couple and attacked by a group of tramps in an alley. Elizabeth stabs one of the attackers in the buttocks, and they flee. Excited from the incident, Elizabeth declares her love for John, strips, reveals wet informal undergarments, and has passionate sex with him at the scene of the crime.John starts to make their BDSM-style relationship more apparent in public. He dares her to shoplift a necklace, and she does so. At the bedding section in Bloomingdale's, he asks Elizabeth to "spread your legs for daddy" in front of the saleswoman. At an equestrian store, he whips Elizabeth on the leg with a riding crop and tells the salesman, "I'll take this one." Later that evening, Elizabeth performs a striptease at John's apartment.Someday after, John asks Elizabeth to crawl and pick up money as he throws it on the floor of his office. Elizabeth initially obliges but then objects, and John takes off his belt, whipping the floor, almost hitting her. Elizabeth cries and protests, but John continues to insist that she crawl and pick up the money. She eventually does so before throwing the money in John's face and declaring that she hates the game.Elizabeth is confident and sexy at home with John, but she becomes withdrawn at work and thinks about her ex-husband Bruce, who starts dating her co-worker and roommate Molly. She goes to the countryside to visit an elderly artist named Farnsworth and secure an exhibit.Elizabeth meets John at a room at the Hotel Chelsea and is asked to wear a blindfold. John touches her briefly before a South American sex worker enters the room and caresses Elizabeth as John observes. Elizabeth shows anxiety, and the woman removes her blindfold. John takes the woman to the next room and starts undressing her. Elizabeth intervenes violently and flees with John in pursuit. They end up in an adult entertainment venue where Elizabeth starts kissing the man next to her during a live sex show. John approaches her, and they embrace.Elizabeth's gallery hosts a successful opening featuring Farnsworth's work. Farnsworth, uncomfortable with the partying crowd, finds Elizabeth in tears in a corner. Elizabeth, dependent on John for emotional stability, calls him while wearing a metal bracelet cuff. The next morning, Elizabeth tries to leave John's apartment, but he tries to convince her to stay by confessing his feelings. Elizabeth leaves anyway, and John begins a mental countdown, hoping she will return before he finishes. Elizabeth walks in the street among the crowd, crying.
Cast Kim Basinger as Elizabeth McGraw
Mickey Rourke as John Gray
Margaret Whitton as Molly
David Margulies as Harvey
Christine Baranski as Thea
Karen Young as Sue
William DeAcutis as Ted
Dwight Weist as Farnsworth
Roderick Cook as Sinclair
Olek Krupa as Bruce
Michael Margotta as Michael
Victor Truro as Gallery Client
Julian Beck as Dinner Guest
Dan Lauria as JanitorTwo Moon Junction
PlotApril Delongpre (Sherilyn Fenn) is the eldest daughter of a powerful Alabama senator and heiress to an old and respectable Southern family. After graduating from college, April returns home to her parents’ house for the summer to await her semiarranged marriage to her fiancé, Chad Douglas Fairchild (Martin Hewitt). When a carnival comes to the town, April and Chad accompany April's two younger sisters to the fairgrounds, where April sees from a distance a rugged carnival roustabout and drifter named Perry Tyson (Richard Tyson). When April accidentally leaves her wallet behind in one of the rides, Perry returns it to her and introduces himself (after having looked inside and gotten April's name and home address). Intrigued by the mysterious drifter, April returns to the carnival that evening to talk with Perry, but she refuses his advances.A few days later, while Chad is away for the weekend on business and her parents and siblings are also away, April begins a sordid affair with Perry when he shows up one morning at April's house and uses her shower. Despite telling him to leave, April cannot restrain her urges for Perry and the two of them have sex. April cries afterwards over it and Perry leaves.The next day, April visits her grandmother Belle Delongpre (Louise Fletcher), April's confidante about her past infatuations. After April leaves, Belle asks the local sheriff Earl Hawkins (Burl Ives) to keep an eye on her.April returns to the carnival that evening to see Perry, only to become dismayed and jealous when she finds him drunk and in the company of a fellow drifter and cowgirl who introduces herself as Patti Jean (Kristy McNichol) who takes April with her in Perry's truck for a "bourbon run" to get more hard liquor for him. During the drive, Patti rambles on about her life and hometown and clearly flirts with April. At the carnival, when a ride malfunctions and endangers the people on it, Perry gets into a brawl with other fairground workers. Patti Jean and April return and join in on the brawl until Perry's pet dog is killed by one of the workers and the rest of them order Perry and the women to leave.After burying his dog in a field, April and Patti Jean take the depressed Perry out to a bar and pool hall where Patti Jean again flirts with April and invites her to dance with her. However, instead of taking advantage of April's curiosity, Patti urges her to go back to Perry and continue their tryst. After Patti Jean leaves town, Perry takes April on a ride on his motorcycle, where they check into a motel and have sex again.In the morning, April leaves Perry to pick up her car, which she left behind at the fairgrounds after the carnival moves out, unaware that Sheriff Hawkins is following her. April returns to the motel and gets into a big argument with Perry when she catches him flirting with two motel housekeepers. To defuse their tension, she takes him out to have breakfast at a local restaurant, where she tells him more about her life and about a family property at the edge of a lake called the Two Moon Junction which is her childhood playground. However, April tells Perry that they must part ways, as she must return home and to her privileged life. After she leaves, Sheriff Hawkins appears and arrests Perry and then drives him to the state line and gives Perry an implied threat never to come around the area again.A few weeks later, on the day before April's wedding, she has another encounter with Perry, who shows up to work at constructing the tents on her family's property for the wedding reception. He is also spotted by Belle, who threatens him to leave town and offers him a bribe, but Perry refuses to accept it. Belle then makes a call to Sheriff Hawkins to inform him that April's lover is back in town and to deal with it.That evening, while Chad is having his bachelor party, April shows up at the Two Moon Junction, a run-down pavilion at the edge of a lake, where she meets Perry, who had left a message to meet him there. April offers Perry money to leave town and never return, but Perry again refuses and urges her to act out her fantasies that she has long suppressed since her childhood. April and Perry again make love, only for April to again cry and walk out on Perry for good to return to her life.The next morning on the day of the wedding, as Perry is preparing to leave town, one of Sheriff Hawkins's deputies attempts to kill Perry, but he subdues the deputy and escapes. At the church, as April is preparing to walk down the aisle to the altar, Belle tries to persuade her not to abandon her privileged lifestyle and lies to her that Perry left town for a bribe. April does not believe her, but she nevertheless walks down the church aisle to marry Chad.Sometime later, Perry is seen working as a dishwasher at a blues nightclub in another town. After work, as Perry returns to his motel room for the night to care and feed his new pet dog, he finds April in his bathroom taking a shower, reliving their first sexual encounter.Perry joins April and they kiss. April, wearing Chad's wedding ring, makes love with Perry in the shower.
Cast Sherilyn Fenn as April DeLongpre
Richard Tyson as Perry Tyson
Louise Fletcher as Belle DeLongpre
Burl Ives as Sheriff Earl Hawkins
Kristy McNichol as Patti Jean
Martin Hewitt as Chad Douglas Fairchild
Juanita Moore as Delilah
Don Galloway as Senator DeLongpre
Millie Perkins as Mrs. DeLongpre
Milla Jovovich as Samantha DeLongpre
Kerry Remsen as Carolee
Hervé Villechaize as Smiley
Dabbs Greer as KyleFatal Attraction
PlotDaniel "Dan" Gallagher is a successful and married lawyer from Manhattan. He meets Alexandra "Alex" Forrest, an editor for a publishing company. While his wife, Beth, and daughter, Ellen, are out of town for the weekend, Dan has an affair with Alex. Initially, it seems that both understand it to be just a fling, but Alex begins to cling to him.Dan reluctantly spends the following day with Alex at her request. When he tries to leave again, she cuts her wrists in a move to manipulate him into staying and saving her. Dan helps her, stays overnight to ensure she is all right, and leaves in the morning.Alex shows up at his office to apologize for her behavior and invites him to a performance of Madame Butterfly. He declines politely but she continues to call at his office until he informs his secretary that he will no longer take her calls.Alex insists that Dan meet with her and informs him that she is pregnant, arguing that he must take responsibility. After Dan changes his phone number, Alex meets Beth, who has advertised selling their apartment. That night, Dan goes to Alex's apartment to confront her, and they get into a scuffle. She declares, "I'm not gonna be ignored."Dan relocates his family to Bedford, but this does not dissuade Alex. She has a tape recording of herself delivered to him, which is full of verbal abuse. She stalks him, pours acid on his car, and follows him home one night. The sight of his family makes her vomit.Alex's obsession escalates when Dan approaches the police to file a restraining order, claiming it is "for a client." The lieutenant informs him he cannot violate Alex's rights without probable cause, and the "client" must own up to his adultery.When the Gallaghers are away, Alex kills Ellen's pet rabbit and boils it on their stove. Following this, Dan confesses the affair and Alex's pregnancy to his family. Enraged, Beth orders him to leave the house. Prior to departing, Dan calls Alex to say his wife knows about the affair. Beth takes the phone and says she will kill Alex if she persists.Alex takes Ellen from school and to an amusement park. Beth drives around frantically looking for her, and gets into an accident, requiring hospitalization. Alex returns Ellen home unharmed.Dan forcibly enters Alex's apartment and attempts to strangle her, but stops short of killing her. She grabs a kitchen knife and lunges at him, but he disarms her and departs. The police search for Alex after Dan reports the kidnapping. Beth forgives Dan and the couple returns home.Beth runs a bath, but before she can get in Alex appears with a knife and explains that Beth is obstructing her from having Dan. She attacks her, and Dan rushes in, appearing to drown her. Alex suddenly emerges from the water, brandishing the knife.Beth returns with a gun and shoots Alex, who is seen bleeding from her chest, with a look of shock on her face, before dying in the tub. Dan completes his statement to the police and joins Beth in the living room, with a picture of their family in the foreground.
Douglas as Dan Gallagher Michael Douglas as Dan Gallagher
Glenn Close as Alex Forrest
Anne Archer as Beth Rogerson Gallagher
Ellen Hamilton Latzen as Ellen Gallagher
Stuart Pankin as Jimmy
Ellen Foley as Hildy
Fred Gwynne as Arthur, Dan's boss
Meg Mundy as Joan Rogerson
Tom Brennan as Howard Rogerson
Lois Smith as Martha, Dan's secretary
Mike Nussbaum as Bob Drimmer
J. J. Johnston as O'Rourke
Michael Arkin as Lieutenant
Jane Krakowski as Christine
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