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PICK 10 Clamshell Movie Lot Disney Kids Family VHS SEE LIST (Updated Feb 2) For Sale

PICK 10 Clamshell Movie Lot Disney Kids Family VHS SEE LIST (Updated Feb 2)
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PICK 10 Clamshell Movie Lot Disney Kids Family VHS SEE LIST (Updated Feb 2):

This listing is for a lot of 10 Movies

PICK 10 Clamshell / Disney / Paramount VHS Video Tapes from the list.All VHS come in clamshells that are in good to very good condition.
Some may have some minor imperfections or crunching or cracking.
Please choose tapes from the list below and send me a message upon purchase with your selection.
Includes all genres, such as Action Sci Fi B-Movie Cult Drama Comedy Thriller and more. Any titles followed by a number in ( ) indicate the quantity of Clam Shell Titles:
101 Dalmatians Movie - Glenn Close (8)
102 Dalmatians (5)
A Bugs Life (2)
A Christmas Carol - George C. Scott (6)
A Kid In King Arthur\'s Court (6)
Air Bud - Basketball (3)
Air Bud Golden Receiver - Football (4)
Air Bud Seventh Inning Fetch - Baseball (2)
Air Bud World Pup - Soccer (2)
Aladdin And The King Of Thieves (8)
Alaska (6)
Alice In Wonderland [Non-cartoon Movie] (2)
An All Dogs Christmas Carol (3)
Anastasia (5)
Andre (3)
Angels In The Outfield (5)
Annabelles Wish (4)
Annie (4)
Antz (7)
Babe (19)
Babe Pig In The City (1)
Baby’s Day Out
Baby Take A Bow - Shirley Temple (2)
Balto (5)
Bambie [Masterpiece Collection] (6)
Barbie Nutcracker (6)
Barbie Rapunzel (3)
Barney\'s Great Adventure (2)
Beauty and The Beast Enchanted Christmas (10)
Beethoven\'s 4th (4)
Beethoven\'s 5th (3)
Belle’s Magical World (3)
Billboard Dad - Mary Kate Ashley Olsen (2)
Black Beauty (3)
Blank Check (8)
Buddy (2)
Cats and Dogs (7)
Charlotte\'s Web (3)
Cheaper By The Dozen - Steve Martin (3)
Chicken Run (2)
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (3)
Christy - Catherine Marshall (3)
Cinderella [Masterpiece Collection] (12)
Cinderella II 2 (8)
Cinderella [Rodger\'s & Hammerstein\'s] (4)
Cool Runnings (2)
Curly Top - Shirley Temple (4)
D2 The Mighty Ducks 2 - Emilio Estevez (10)
D3 The Mighty Ducks 3 (4)
Dennis The Menace - Walter Matthau (3)
Dennis The Menace Strikes Again (3)
Dimples - Shirley Temple (2)
Dinosaur (13)
Dora\'s Dunking Doughnuts - Shirley Temple
Dumbo [Masterpiece Collection] (4)
Dunston Checks In (3)
Ed (2)
Fantasia (15)
Fantasia 2000 (2)
Far From Home (4)
Fern Gully 2
Finding Nemo (7)
First Kid - Sinbad (5)
Fluke - Matthew Modine
Fly Away Home - Jeff Daniels (4)
Free Willy (14)
Free Willy 2 (9)
Free Willy 3 (5)
Fun and Fancy Free [Masterpiece] (3)
Gordy (3)
Grammar Rock (2)
Gus - Don Knotts(2)
Harriet The Spy (5)
Heidi (Disney)
Heidi - Shirley Temple (5)
Hercules [Masterpiece] (2)
Holes (2)
Homeward Bound (3)
Homeward Bound 2 II (8)
Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves (2)
How The Grinch Stole Christmas Dr. Seuss [CARTOON] (8)
How The Grinch Stole Christmas Dr. Seuss - Jim Carrey (17)
How The Toys Saved Christmas
Ice Age (11)
I\'ll Be Home For Christmas
Inspector Gadget - Matthew Broderick (7)
Inspector Gadget 2 (2)
Iron Will (4)
It’s A Wonderful Life (8)
It\'s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown (3)
Jack Frost - Michael Keaton (9)
Jingle All The Way - Arnold Schwarzenegger (11)
Johnny Tremain
Jonah A Veggietales Movie (2)
Joseph King Dreams
Jumanji - Robin Williams (6)
Jungle 2 Jungle - Tim Allen (7)
Lady and the Tramp [Masterpiece Collection] (15)
Lady and the Tramp 2 II (5)
Larger Than Life (5)
Little Big League
Little Giants (4)
Little House On The Prairie - Remember Me
Little Women (4)
Lord Of The Dance (2)
Madeline (6)
Man of the House - Jonathan Taylor Thomas Chevy Chase (4)
Mary Poppins (2)
Mary Poppins [Masterpiece Collection] (6)
Mickey\'s Once Upon A Christmas (3)
Mighty Joe Young (10)
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie (3)
Miracle Dogs - Kate Jackson (2)
Miracle on 34th Street 1994 - Mara Wilson (9)
Monsters Inc. (5)
Mouse Hunt (2)
Mulan [Masterpiece Collection] (5)
Multiplication Rock - School House Rock (3)
Muppet Treasure Island (2)
MVP Most Valuable Primate (3)
MVP 2 Most Vertical Primate (4)
My Dog Skip (3)
My Fair Lady (2)
My Favorite Martian - Christopher Lloyd (6)
National Velvet (2)
Noah\'s Ark (2)
Now and Forever (2)
O\'Christmas Tree
Old Yeller (2)
Old Yeller [Family Film collection] (4)
Old Yeller [Vault Collection] (2)
Oliver! - Jonathan Taylor Thomas (2)
Oliver and Company [Masterpiece Collection] (3)
Our Lips Are Sealed - Mary Kate Ashley Olsen
Passport To Paris - Mary Kate Ashley Olsen (3)
Paulie (3)
Peter Pan [Masterpiece Collection] (8)
Peter Pan [Special Edition] (2)
Peter Pan (Non-cartoon) - Mary Martin (5)
Pinocchio (7)
Pinocchio [Masterpiece] (3)
Pinocchio (non-cartoon) - Jonathan Taylor Thomas (9)
Pocahontas [Masterpiece Collection] (20)
Pocahontas II 2 (4)
Pollyanna (2)
Pollyanna [Vault Edition]
Pooh\'s Grand Adventure (5)
Poor Little Rich Girl - Shirley Temple
Prancer (7)
Princess Stories Volume 1
Rascal (2)
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm - Shirley Temple (2)
Recess School\'s Out (4)
Red Skelton\'s Christmas Jollies (2)
Return of Jafar (3)
Richie Rich - Macaulay Culkin (6)
Rikki-Tikki-Tavi (3)
Riverdance (9)
Robin Hood [Masterpiece Collection] (1)
Rugrats In Paris (4)
School House Rock Grammar Rock
Shiloh (1)
Sleeping Beauty [Masterpiece Collection] (8)
Small Soldiers (5)
Snow Dogs - Cuba Gooding Jr. (3)
Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs [Masterpiece Collection] (20)
Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs [Platinum Collection] (4)
Spy Kids (7)
Spy Kids 2 (2)
Stuart Little (9)
Stuart Little 2 (10)
Tarzan (13)
Tarzan & Jane (5)
That Darn Cat (3)
The Aristocats [Gold Collection] (2)
The Aristocats [Masterpiece Collection] (5)
The Bible In The Beginning (6)
The Big Green (6)
The Black Stallion (5)
The Black Stallion Returns (2)
The Hunchback Of Notre Dame [Masterpiece Collection] (12)
The Incredible Journey (4)
The Indian In The Cupboard (4)
The Jungle Book [Rudyard Kipling Movie] (13)
The Jungle Book 2
The Land Before Time 2 II (3)
The Land Before Time 3 III (6)
The Land Before Time 4 IV (3)
The Land Before Time 5 V (5)
The Land Before Time 6 VI (2)
The Land Before Time Journey To Big Water
The Land Before Time Mysterious Island
The Land Before Time The Big Freeze (5)
The Legend Of The Candy Cane
The Lion King [Masterpiece Collection] (18)
The Lion King 2 II Simba\'s Pride (12)
The Little Colonel - Shirley Temple (2)
The Little Mermaid [Masterpiece Collection] (cover variation) (14)
The Little Mermaid 2 II (3)
The Little Princess - Shirley Temple (3)
The Little Rascals Movie (6)
The Little Vampire
The Littlest Angels Easter
The Man From Snowy River (2)
The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh [Masterpiece Collection] (5)
The Parent Trap - Lindsay Lohan (7)
The Polar Bear King (2)
The Poor Little Rich Girl - Shirley Temple
The Prince Of Egypt (12)
The Princess Diaries (11)
The Princess Bride (6)
The Retrievers
The Return Of Jafar (7)
The Rugrats Movie Nickelodeon (5)
The Santa Clause - Tim Allen (2)
The Secret Garden (3)
The Secret of Nimh 2 (1)
The Sound Of Music (13)
The Spirit Of Mickey (4)
The Swan Princess (9)
The Swan Princess 3 III (2)
The Swan Princess Escape From Castle Mountain
The Sword In The Stone [Masterpiece Collection]
The Tailor of Gloucester By Beatrix Potter
The Wind In The Willows
The Wizard of Oz (16)
The Yearling
Thumbelina (3)
Tom and Huck - Jonathan Taylor Thomas (14)
Tom and Jerry The Magic Ring
Touched By An Angel A Christmas Miracle (2)
Touched By An Angel Holiday Edition
Toy Story (13)
Toy Story 2 (11)
VeggieTales Heroes Of The Bible
VeggieTales The Star Of Christmas (2)
Wee Willie Winkle - Shirley Temple
When In Rome - Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen
Where the Red Fern Grows (2)
Wild America - Jonathan Taylor Thomas (8)
Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory (4)
Winning London - Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen (3)
Zeus and Roxanne (4)MANY MORE COMING 10 selections from these choices.*** Some of the clamshell cases may be swapped out for better conditioned cases. Colored cases may not be guaranteed depending on supplyUsed tapes are tested in working condition
Most boxes are in decent condition. Some may have more wear than others.
Some tapes or boxes may have minor staining or markings or stickers from being rentals.
Any Issues, please contact me.
Money Back guarantee and returns if not working.
Thanks for looking!There is a 30 day return policy on all orders All buyers are responsible for customs fees on high value orders. Please wait for a final invoice so you can save on shipping!
All movies are guaranteed to play and most tapes are in good shape.If for any reason there are any issues, please contact me.View more great items
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