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VINTAGE 1940's TEEN SEX EDUCATION ED FILMS 2 DVD's, POPULAR SEX ED MOVIES J14 used, new for sale - www.acefest.com
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Vintage Sex Education Films From the 40's, 50's, and 60's.

Complete 2 DVD Collection!

Sex education films have been around for 50 plus years. Whether you feel they are a valuable source of information for the country's youth, or another way for the government to indoctrinate our children, you cannot deny their existence and place in our pop culture. During the half century since they have been around, their content has generally been unchanged. Even in current versions, they typically ignore the level of sophistication and intelligence of young people. They typically discuss the mechanics of sex, but little more. If they do go into social discussions, it is usually on a surface so thin, it will likely be of no value to the youth in the audience.

This is an amazing and rare collection of old time sex ed films. For those of you who grew up in this time, you could probably hear the projector running in the background as you watch the movie. This is a great collection for educators, scholars, historians, and young and old people alike. The older generation and remember a more innocent time, while those who are on the younger side can get some comic relief from these films.

This collection comes as a 2 DVD set, that contains over 4 and a half hours of classic films. All DVD's come with a fully interactive menu. A list of films included is as follows.


Are You Popular (1947)

Teenaged Wally is attracted to two girls. One is Ginny, the local "bad girl" with a reputation. The other is Caroline, a sweet young thing who is everything Ginny isn't. Wally would definitely like to get to see if Ginny's reputation is deserved, but he is torn between his lust for her and his attraction to the wholesome Caroline. What to do, what to do

Sound, B&W, 9:52

Are You Ready for Marriage (1950)

Two teenagers, wishing to marry early, visit their minister for advice and receive counseling, some of it quite pragmatic, the rest a little strange. Teenagers Larry and Sue visit an overly Bryl Creemed marriage counselor, Mr. Hall, at their church to discuss the responsibilities of marriage. Hall just happens to have an extraordinary display of learning aids in his office, the most interesting of which is a board labeled "Marriage Development" on the top and "Psychological Distance" on the bottom. On the board are little figurines attached with strings. To demonstrate the fact that their sexual desires aren't enough to base a marriage on, he takes a rubber band and says boing! (So much for his so-called expertise) Then he snaps the rubber band away and Larry says, surprised, "What happened to it?" Then, Sue cries out, "Where did it go?" The film doesn't make any great intellectual claims for this couple. Even though Hall is at Larry's church, the religious aspects of marriage are ignored in this film. Larry and Sue agree to postpone their engagement and continue with their education (remedial, from the looks of it). Sue's dad has "made arrangements" for Sue to go to State U.

Sound, B&W, 16:03

As Boys Grow (1957)

Sex education film aimed at teenage boys, with the coach as authority figure and teacher.

Sound, B&W, 16:17

Boys Beware (1961)

Anti-homosexual film targeted at teenage boys, urging them to avoid encounters with potential molesters.

Sound, B&W, 10:12

Cindy Goes to a Party (1955)

Cindy, a tomboy unsure of her social status, dreams of a party where her fairy godmother gives her etiquette lessons, and wakes up to receive her very own invitation. Filmed in Lawrence, Kansas.

Sound, B&W, 9:21

Going Steady (1951)

Attempts to provoke teens into discussion on the complex issue of going steady. Provides little support for the practice.

Sound, B&W, 10:36

How Do You Do(1946)

Trains teenagers to act according to the rules of proper social etiquette. Promotes proper behavior as a means of gaining social poise and self-assurance. This film seems clearly to be a document from the postwar "behavior offensive," aimed at retraining adolescents to learn to be kids once again after experiencing premature adulthood during World War II.

Sound, B&W, 13:34

How Much Affection (1958)

How far can young people go in petting and still stay within the bounds of personal standards and social mores?

Sound, B&W, 19:48

Human Reproduction (1947)

Though this sex education film concentrates on presenting the anatomy and physiology of human reproduction in sober medical terms, its release kicked off a controversy in many American cities and towns over the legitimacy of sex education in the public schools. The film is narrated from the point of view of an adult who tries to decide how to answer his son's natural questions about sex and reproduction. With excellent diagrams of the reproductive process.

Sound, B&W, 21:24

Junior Prom (1946)

Experiences of two couples on a double date at the Junior Prom.

Sound, Color, 21:16


Molly Grows Up (1953)

Menstruation education film for young teenage girls, redolent with dated detail.

Sound, B&W, 14:20

Parent to Child About Sex (1966)

While this film's producers should be applauded for their sensible approach in teaching parents how to talk to kids about sex, the awkward reading of cue cards and embarrassing situations will produce nervous giggles among even the most jaded audiences. This film was produced by some of the pioneers of sex education whose ideas are still being challenged by school boards today.

Sound, Color, 30:41

Physical Aspects of Puberty (1953)

Animated explanation of primary and secondary sex characteristics in adolescent boys and girls.

Sound, B&W, 17:41

Social Sex Attitudes in Adolescence (1953)

Social-sex development of Bill and Mary and how they came to meet, fall in love and marry.

Sound, B&W, 22:59

Toward Emotional Maturity (1954)

A teenage girl reflects on her emotional growth, remembering episodes in which her love, fear, anger were not always under control, and decides not to go "park" with her boyfriend.

Sound, B&W, 10:25

What Makes A Good Party (1950)

Shows teenagers how to plan and attend a party, suggesting games to play and songs to sing ("Jimmy Crack Corn").

Sound, B&W, 10:32

What to do on a date (1950)

A high school senior learns how and where to ask a girl for a date, where to take her for a good time, and how to avoid spending too much money or being bored by commercialized amusements. Director: Ted Peshak. Cameraman: Dale Sharkey. Writers: George Tychsen, Bradford. Editor: Dick Kirschner. Narrator: George Stone.

Sound, B&W, 10:45

Your Body During Adolescence (1955)

Shows the seven glands that regulate human life and growth with emphasis on the pituitary and sex glands. Outlines changes that take place in the bodies of boys and girls.

Sound, B&W, 10:40

DVD Menu Sampler:

DVD format and quality

All of our DVD's sold are formatted NTSC, without region coding. This means that they will play on any NTSC DVD Player in the world. The standard in USA is NTSC. For those in Europe, your DVD player may be a PAL format, which will not work. For those overseas customers, please verify that your DVD player can play NTSC disks.

Please note, that most of the films on our disks were made 40 years ago or more. Some perhaps as old as 80 or 90 years! As you can imagine, the movie making equipment of the time was a lot more primitive than the high tech equipment that they use today. Also, many of these films were stored improperly for decades before being digitally coded. As a result of this, these films are not what one would consider to be "DVD quality" today. Many, if not most, are black and white. The sound and picture quality is not perfect. There are those occasional "snap, crackle, and pops" across many of these films. We feel that these imperfections add to a film's charm, and provide for a more authentic viewing experience. WIth that in mind, this collection may not be for those wishing to find digitally remastered and professional recolored duplications of the original work in perfect DVD quality. Please keep that in mind prior to purchase, since we have fully disclosed that to you.

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What if my disk arrives damaged?

We offer a no muss, no fuss guarantee that all damaged disks are replaced free of charge.

Testimonial emails from customers:

"Just got it,and I love it. Where did you find this stuff? I've been looking for these films forever. I'm a high school Social Studies teacher and a big part of my lesson plan is World War II. These films are invaluable, and they have been keeping my students engaged. Thank you so much." Andrea P., Memphis, TN.

"My father served in WWII and I bought these films from him. Many of them brought a tear to his eye. We will treasure this collection." Jeff H., Trenton, NJ.

"...Very moving and hard to watch. I couldn't watch the whole thing. Just brought tears to my eyes." Lucy N., Atlanta, GA.

"Those old fair films are absolutely amazing. It really is like watching another world like you said. I was glued to them for hours." Jake P., San Diego, CA.

"My uncle was a firefigher for 36 years and I bought this collection for him. He just loves it. Thank you." Sarah P., Boston, MA.

"I'm a high school physics teacher and I bought your A-bomb films for my students. Unbelievable footage. Its hard to believe that we lived in fear all those years, and we are getting back to that time again." Robert S., New York, NY.

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The estimated delivery dates shown above are 's estimates, not ours. Sometimes 's dates are completely unrealistic. Every effort is made to get your item out the next day, but once it leaves us, we ask that you please understand that we do not guarantee delivery by any date, since the USPS does not give us a guarantee either. Below is our estimates on what to expect:

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If you have any questions prior to offerding, please use contact the seller above and let us know. Thank you!!!!!!

Copyright notice and disclaimer:

We ARE THE AUTHOR OF THIS DISK. We have full rights to distribute this collection. Per policy, we have ownership and rights to these disks and have full legal authorization to replicate the content at our discretion without any further permission. All of our disks and other media are copyrighted by ADVPlans, LLC, and redistribution without our consent is prohibited. We also believe that many takedown requests on originate from competitors trying to gain an unfair advantage.

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