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Vintage Canon S-2 Cine Projector Very Clean Working Condition See Pictures For Sale

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Vintage Canon S-2 Cine Projector Very Clean Working Condition See Pictures :

Vintage Canon S-2 Cine ProjectorVery Clean working condition I try very hard to price things fairly.My price is based on several factors, so I may not always be the lowest price.There are several reasons why. Normally I perform hours of checking, servicing, replacing parts etc.. I want to be as sure as I can be that the unit is in tip top shape when I ship it you, my end customer, and hopefully new found friend. Because of my thoroughness, I offer a 30 day 100% money-back guarantee. I don't sell marginal units, any unit that doesn't meet my standards, is scrapped. If you have any issues, please contact me. I will make it right, no matter what it takes. I'm retired, is the way I supplement my social security. I've been sevicing electronics since the 1960's, when I was discharged from the Air Force. Again, thank you for taking the time to look at my sale and read this. 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee See photos, and read the complete Description. For more details, ask questions, sold as shown, as described. I'm always happy to answer questions, but please, ask before you offer!! Check my response!! Please don't wait until 2 minutes before the end of an sale to ask your question(s). PHOTO SHOWS ACTUAL ITEM(s) YOU will receive. The Fine Print: **If you have ANY questions, it's imperative that you ask them BEFORE offerding. It will save both of us, time and trouble.* Insurance is included in the handling charge. I normally ship all items within 3 business days. Packaging: It's critical to both of us that you receive your item in good condition. To that end, I pack carefully, using bubble wrap and good boxes; many times I use double boxing to protect an item. These packaging items cost money, so I ad a small fee to defray the cost of packaging and insurance. This protects both of us and is a small price to pay to insure you get your item safely and securely. Refunds: I offer a 30 day money back guarantee on my items.* *Exceptions: No Refunds will be given on any item sold "as is" or any item damaged in shipment through no fault of mine (as outlined above). I will assist with insurance claims if the carrier damages your item. Shipping charges are non-negotiable. I'm also a buyer, and believe me I realize shipping charges have become outrageous. The US Postal Service increased their rates dramatically over the last year. International shipping charges are extremely high. Not long ago decided they need to make money on shipping charges, so they now charge me an additional fee, based on the shipping cost. This also ads to the total shipping charges paid by you & me, the buyers. Unfortunately I have no control over these costs. I try to provide multiple shipping choices, including the most economical methods of shipment in my sales. There's a shipping calculator included in all my sales, please use it to avoid surprises. Please remember to use the calculator, to get the shipping cost, before you offer. If I charge you exactly the amount you were shown on the shipping calculator, previous to you placing your offer, there's no reason to give me anything but 5's on "shipping & handling" costs. I will not tolerate response extortion. I will report any attempted extortion to . Please do not ask me to lie or mislabel any packaging to avoid import duties or taxes in your country. It's against the law, and I won't do it. IMPORTANT! If you have an issue after you receive an item, contact me FIRST, we'll work it out. I guarantee it!!
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