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Vintage Spencer American Optical Delineascope Magic Lantern Projector GK w/ case For Sale

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Vintage Spencer American Optical Delineascope Magic Lantern Projector GK w/ case:

This American Optical industrial-strength lantern slide projector, was used in large auditoriums and traditional classroom settings.American Optical was established in 1833 as a small spectacle manufacturing concern in Southbridge, MA. The company grew rapidly, gradually acquiring additional facilities for manufacturing a range of optical products. In 1935 this expansion lead to its purchasing the Spencer Lens Company of Buffalo, New York. For several years after the acquisition the Spencer Lens Company continued operation under its own name before becoming known as the Instrument Division of American Optical Company in 1945.This item is in excellent condition with the only fault being the carrying strap being broken. No rust on projector, no major scratches etc.. The fan motor rheostat and the projection bulb do power up and this is a working projector. LIST OF INCLUDED ITEMS:Slide Projector with Power CordOriginal American Optical TagThis glass slide projector is stored in maroon rectangular steel box, which is held shut with a thick strap and buckle. The slide projector is of the same color. The paint is a crackle finish. It is from the Delineascope family of projectors. Non-sagging bellows (to adjust image focus) is supported by double extension rods, moved by a rack and pinion system. There is also a cooling system against the heat of the light to protect the slides. The cooling fan has a rheostat to control the speed of the when operating on other than 60 cycle A.C. There is a handle on the top front of the projector. Elevating legs are located on the front. Handle support on the rear allows for inclining the projector when operating from a balcony position.The price range for this instrument in 1946 was between $175 to $229.50, depending on the objective dimension. This one has 16" objectives. Optical Delineascope Magic Lantern Projector GK. Condition is used, vintage. The maroon box is dented on the top edge but still goes firmly onto the box. The leather strap is broken. Buyer pays all shipping cost, no returns, no international sales, PayPal only.
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