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Antique WW1 W.S.1918 McClellan Saddle + Lots Of ID Markings & Cantle Link Strap For Sale

Antique WW1 W.S.1918 McClellan Saddle + Lots Of ID Markings & Cantle Link Strap

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Antique WW1 W.S.1918 McClellan Saddle + Lots Of ID Markings & Cantle Link Strap:

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This is an original WW1 McClellan saddle that is marked with a 12" seat on the brass pommel shield. It is complete with both safes, both stirrups, numerous straps and the very unusual back cantle link strap - as pictured in the 7th picture. This back cantle link strap is not often seen.Here itis attached to a special strap on the back left side of the saddleandthenit goes across theback of the saddle (behind the cantle) and is then clippedto a smallbrass D ring on a strap behind the right cantle. This is how it is kept when not in use as seen in the pictures.This back link strap served the same purpose as a bridle link strap, except with the back link strap if the horses ever did get loose from the man on the ground holding them they more or less just wound up going in circles, with one spinning around the other.Where as with the bridle link strap both horses could go off in the same direction if for what ever reason they managed to get loose. Although I do believe that the back or cantle link strap required seasoned horses or horses that weretrainedand familiarwith it.

The main body of the saddle does show wear, but there are no open seams or loose stitches. The front quarter strapsare ingood condition, butone of the back quarter straps has somesurface cracking of the leather.The straps connecting the safes to the saddle are quite worn with a lot of surface cracking of the leather. Both stirrups leathers havesomeareas of very slightsurface cracking of the leather, but theyare quite pliable andfor a saddle of this age they are in pretty good condition.The lower straps for the girth attachment show wear as well withquite a bit of surface cracking of the leather, but they too seem to still have some strength in them. The two safes are in good condition. All of the leather is pliable, not stiff and it has all been cleaned and treated with a special conditioner that is specifically made for the leather of antique saddles and especially recommended for the care of antique Military saddles as it does not harm the stitches or the leather. The long straps in the front of the saddle are rolled up and I have tied them that way, as this is how the straps were when I acquired the saddle.

The saddle has numerous markingon it and I will describe the ones that I have found ---

High up on the left front quarter strap is the marking "W.S.1918 and directly below that is NLK. (picture #10)

There is a large "X" on the right front side bar.

High up by the saddle bag hook on theback rightquarter strap is the marking of "W.D.M."

On the back right side bar is the marking of W.S.18 & below that is F.C.L. (picture #9)

The two little straps that the link strap is connected to have the markings of J.E. on one and A.M.S. on the other and these markings are on the rough side of the leather, not the smooth upper side. (picture #12)

Both safes are marked "W & S 1918 P.P.F. (picture #11)

Both Military stirrups are marked underneath U.S. and what looks like A.G.S. & Bros. although these lastmarkings are faint.

One stirrup leather is marked on the end S. & R. J.P.C. and the other stirrup leather is marked in a unique place -- in the area of the stirrup leather where the riders knee would approximately be there are some rather large worn letters and numbers thatappear to read something like "R.S. 323". I can't read it all as the letters and numbers are worn, but these markings on the stirrup leather extend over an area of several inches in length. Rather a strange marking.

This is a very nice example of a true Military saddle that appears to have actually seen war time use.

This McClellan saddle is being sold "no returns" and I will be happy to send anyone any additional pictures that they might like. I will also gladly answer any questions.

buyers from the U.S. only please and payment would be appreciated with-in 4 days after the sale ends. Thank-you.

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