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BALANCED ride HEREFORD horse SADDLE ranch FOREMAN trail PLEASURE roping NR For Sale


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Up for your consideration is a beautiful vintage Hereford Balanced Ride Saddle built on a rawhide wrapped Monte Foreman tree.

Now if you already clicked on this sale and are reading this you probably already know about the balanced ride saddles. In fact I would bet you know more than I do! If not, there is a wealth of information on these saddles which can be found with a simple Internet search. The limited knowledge I have is from a Hereford Balanced Ride saddle I had a few years back, from talking to people who love-love-love their balanced ride saddles…and from the Internet searches I have done in the past.

I bought this saddle not that long ago, and planned on refurbishing it myself. I have since jumped into working on another degree, teaching, and have recently torn down an Arabian tree’d saddle I bought a year ago. Truth of the matter is there is no way I can get to this saddle anytime soon, so I am offering it here, to the highest buyer, regardless of price. I need to get rid of projects that are only sidetracking me from what I am supposed to be doing (but I love messing with saddles)!!! L I would love to know that someone can get this saddle for a fraction of what it’s worth, do what they need to do to it, and have a wonderful saddle to last them as long as they need it to.

So all you buyers know exactly what you are offerding on, I will give as thorough of a description as possible…so please bear with the long narrative. I would rather get an information overload than not enough anytime!

First of all you will note that this is an older Hereford Balanced Ride saddle with the Monte Foreman tree. The tree is rawhide wrapped wood. The seat size is a 14 ¾-15 1/2”. Why a ¾” range in size? OK…measuring from the pommel (below the horn) to the back of the seat where you butt goes it is 14 ¾” to 15”. To the seam on the cantle is 15 ½”. I have sat in this saddle (I always have to try things out-it sits like a 15” saddle. Actually it feels a tad bigger than a 15”…but to be on the safe side I will say 15”! Wow that was a lot…but you know if you were here, in person, I would expect you to do exactly what I do, and giving you an explanation like that is probably closer to a ‘virtual’ visit right? J Of course you are all always welcome to come and see it in person (I live in SE Idaho).

The gullet on this saddle is 7” between Conchos. I have used my handy dandy little template and it is most closely matched up the Quarter Horse, or Semi-Quarter Horse bars (90 degrees). The bar angle is not great enough to be FQHB’s (94 degrees)….so good news if your horse is not built like a 55 gallon drum with legs! This saddle should easily fit any horse with withers and a medium width…this saddle will not fit a horse with mutton withers or super broad back.

The saddle has the Hereford Logo on the center of each fender, and the Balanced Ride emblem on each fender above the stirrup. The serial number is either: 82-60502 or 88-60502 which is located on the bottom of the stirrup leather on the near or left side. The edges are buck-stitched, and the 3 ½” horn is edged in rawhide. The tree is as stout and solid as the day it was made. There is no give in it anywhere. The overall length of the saddle is 27”, and the weight is an estimated 33-35 lbs. The saddle is edge tooled in a scroll / floral motif. It includes the original Hereford leather wrapped stirrups with the leather ‘keeper’ straps on the stirrups, although I do believe one of the ‘keepers’ needs to be re-riveted on one end (should be able to see this on the photos). The number one thing I want to point out is that the stirrup leather right next to the ‘Balanced Ride’ logo on the near side needs to be patched from behind or ‘franken-stitched’ as it has torn. Please note that photo with the giant arrow pointing this out. This is the most prominent ‘awwwey’ (I guess this is spelled on how you say it???) on this saddle…so don’t miss it!!!

The leather is in pretty decent condition (other than that tear). It is nice and pliable with minimal surface crazing in a couple areas. (I have oiled in recently, and if I were to keep it I would probably do it again.) The worst area is on the fork cover across the top. It is purely cosmetic and does not affect the use of the saddle or the durability of the hide in anyway. (Also visible in the pictures provided).

The rigging is the typical bulkless, in the skirt rigging that made the Balanced Ride saddles so sought after. The rawhide on the edge of the off side (right side) needs to be re-stitched. This is pointed out in the photos. The skirt is slotted in the back if one so desires to put a rear rigging on it.

The strings are ‘Ok’ in the front (a bit too short maybe) and the ones in the back are shot. They will need to be replaced. The sheepskin is icky…really…like it provided an awesome feast to some moths some time ago. I hope you can see that in the pictures. If not you can just take my word for it. You can ride the saddle the way it is with a good thick pad….but you should plan on having it relined sometime in the future. Underneath the leathers are in excellent condition and feature quick change sliders.

Like I mentioned before, I have cleaned and oiled this saddle….and noted all the things that should be fixed. It can be ridden as soon as the fender is patched, but if you go to the trouble of searching for an original Balanced Ride saddle, and get this one for a fraction of what they sell for, you may as well put a bit into it and make it last the rest of your life right? That’s what my plan was, but life just seems to get in the way while I make other plans!

My lengthy description should answer all your questions. If not, please feel free to email me any other questions you might have. I can also take additional photographs which can be emailed to you. You now know everything that I know about the saddle. I have described it to the best of my ability. It should have the issues I listed above addressed before being returned into full service. These repairs are common in this type of saddle, and pretty minimal considering what these saddles are worth when they are done!



Seat: We agreed on 15” !


Skirt: SQUARED with an overall length of 27”

Rigging: Front= BULKLESS IN THE SKIRT /// Back=IN THE SKIRT Slotted

Stirrup Adjustment: Quick change SLIDER BUCKLES

Material: High quality, tooled AMERICAN TANNED leather

Weight: Approximately 33-35 lbs


Original leather wrapped stirrups

I have included photos of the entire saddle...all the way around. You will also see measurements of the gullet, as well as the seat.

There are plenty of cheap saddles available for sale anymore. You can look at the close-up photos of the leather and easily tell the difference between real leather and that cheap cardboardy type of leather. This saddle is not one of those cardboard saddles. It is a highly sought after U.S. built saddle made of quality materials by one of the most renowned saddle makers out there.

Shipping price is for lower 48 states and always INCLUDES REPLACEMENT INSURANCE! I have had things lost in the I will always make sure you are covered in case anything happens. I will ship elsewhere, but please email me with your shipping zip/postal code so I can get you a quote before you offer. Canadian buyers: The last two saddles I shipped to Canada cost between 109.00 and 121.00 to ship. I imagine this one would be no different. International shipping prices do not include insurance. USPS insures up to a set dollar amount for International rates…and over that will cost a bit more.

On Oct-05-12 at 19:29:52 PDT, seller added the following information:

I was just given a very good tip by a very valued member of the horsey / family! She pointed out something about this saddle that is very popular...and something that I totally overlooked (maybe its just too close to being right in my face to see)...THIS SADDLE HAS THE VERY POPULAR BUCKSTITCHING IN IT!!! BUCKSTITCHED SADDLES ARE VERY SOUGHT AFTER!!! How could I have overlooked that? :-) Anyway its too late to add it to the title, so its here now! Anyway best buyer wins here! Have fun!

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