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ELMO 16mm Optical Projector Telecine Video Transfer Built-In NTSC-2K HD Camera For Sale

ELMO 16mm Optical  Projector Telecine Video Transfer Built-In NTSC-2K HD Camera

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ELMO 16mm Optical Projector Telecine Video Transfer Built-In NTSC-2K HD Camera:

New & Improved "All-In-One" Unit ELMO 16mmOptical Sound Film Video Transfer System ( Amazing Image and Sound Quality ) 100% Flicker & Ghost/Trail Free with HD(Custom Shutter Blade for HD )New! "Sync control"(No more white scan lines with HD)
Real Time Transfer( Record Video & Audio at the same time) NTSC Built-In 2K FULL-HD Camera(8.59 MP) DVD Burner(SD) & Monitor
Record on SD Card on CameraorConnect to your computer (Cut more than 50% Production Time ) True Optical MultiplexingLED Light! (Sharper: Corner to Corner) (Optical Sound, 24 fps only) FocusScan CKX
Including Pro Maintenance Kit

If you are transferring family films to DVD as a hobby, or if you are doing this as part of your business, you will want to check this unit out. It will produce a far superior transfer than a telecine unit could ever do.

This system is designed for ultra high quality,Real Multiplexing, Built-in HD Camera, DVD Burner(SD) & Monitor, Only One on the market!)of 16mm sound film to NTSC Video,

No Hot Spots and No Flicker, NO Ghost Lines without the use any computer or software.-- "RealTimeTransferring and Burning DVD"

I have built film transfer units for business owners, schools and organizationsfor 15 years.

DVD Burner and Monitor should be on separate table, I put the together for photo purpose!

Here’s what my customers are saying about this system....

New message from:timhinson(44)

Hello, I'll start by saying that your projectors are incredibly easy to setup and install; and then, it works great too! Very impressed

Tim Hinson
VP of Broadcast Technology/Chief Engineer
W: 713-663-4670
ABC13 | KTRK-TV | ABC owned station
3310 Bissonnet, Houston TX 77005

We ordered the FocusScan CKX-2, 16mm projector/recorder and received it only a couple of days after we ordered. We needed the equipment quickly and focuskye was able to help us out. So far we've been extremely pleased with the quality, ease of use, and transfer quality. We look forward to purchasing more from focuskye. 10/09/2014
Universal Information Services
1623 Farnam St, Suite 600
Omaha,NE 68102

Chin....... I have to say..... I think you are so amazing! I just hooked up the 5 blade system and ran a little film through it. You are just simply amazing! I love what you have done. This is such an amazing system and the work you have done to create this masterpiece of a transfer system is simply beautiful. I already have one of your 8 mm transfer systems and I am not surprised that you did an even better job with 16 mm. I can't thank you enough for you attention to detail and quality....... YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!!Curtis
Illusion Productions Cedar Hills, UT

Many thanks
David Steeves
Videoman ProductionsI have been very pleased with the Transfer Unit from FocusScanand recommend it to anyone looking to get the most from their film transfer.
I transfer film to DVD for a living and cannot believe how sharp and bright the picture is.
The led light source is the only way to go.
Many thanks
Dave S from ONT, CANADA

Incredibly well built!Unit is FAR BETTER than described! I LOVE IT! Thanks!!!!!

Itis one of the finest buys I have ever made - Sincere thanks !!
Buyer: 16mmreeldeal, Elmo 16mm(CKX) New S. Wales, Australia May-23-2012

I personally spent months of my time, energy, money and expertise along with over 200 hours in testing to ensure that my system produces the best possible transfer quality.

The System includes:

  1. Custom ModifiedELMO(16-CL) PROJECTOR: (US Patent Pending)

All projectors are custom modified with more than 20 custom made parts and over 30 modifications to improve quality of image transfer and solves all known issues with other Company's systems on the market.

  • Based onELMO 16mm 16-CL Optical SoundProjector ( Made in Japan)

    Real TimeTransferring (Optical Multiplexing, Built-In HD Camera, DVD Burner(SD) & Monitor)16mm Sound and Silent film to NTSC Video

    Progressive methodto record twice as much image data as the interlace method. Whereas interlacing requires two images to produce a complete picture, the progressive method records a single image as a complete picture. Plus, the24 Progressive Recording produces24 images per second. This extremely dense image information creates intricate detail and silky smooth motion. Even when subjects move quickly, afterimages are minimized to create more natural images. The progressive method is most effective when shooting detailed designs where moir patterns tend to occur, or when capturing scenes during sports events where the subjects are intensely moving around. Also, the recorded images are displayed clearly even when they are made into still images, so it is possible to preserve stunning photos when clipping them from videos.

  • ELMO designed 100% Flicker-Free Shutter Blade

  • Sync Control for Ghost/Scan Lines free

  • New Image Catcher Box VM-4( Minimized True Optical Multiplexer)

    Successfully Minimized Optical Multiplexor Unit!! (Patent Pending) Much better than any other method No more Upside Down Image!
    My optical multiplexor is the only true optical multiplexor which catching up images( up right ) without any screen. The image is focused very sharp edge to edge. No texture of screen showing, since there is no screen in it. The multiplexor with achromatic lens combinationshows no color aberration.

  • New Color Corrected Super Bright LEDS ( Your camcorder will be set to smaller aperture for sharper images! )


  • Refurbished to our strict standards (Excellent Condition)

  • Over 20 custom made parts & Over 30 modifications

  • Custom Built-in Super Bright LED Lighting, with CustomDouble Diffusing Systemfor optimalscanning(LED Lighting will last almost forever - no more expensive replacement bulbs!Super bright, ultra cool Color Corrected LED light will protect the film from burning or warping)and DIMMER!

  • Emulsion Side DirectTransferring

  • Dimmer Control so you can adjust for under & overexposed film

  • Professionally Cleaned Lens - completely disassembled, cleaned and reassembled. (no more residue or dust - Looks BRAND NEW CRYSTAL CLEAR!)

  • Thissystem hasSound Transferring Capability: There is similar system on the market for $9,000.00 from other company

  • Audio Out: Comes with Impedance Adapter with Signal Noise Suppressor ( The original Elmo has only speaker out, this system comes with Audio Out for sound recording).Direct connection, projector and camera. Excellent Sound!.

  • Max. Reel Capacity: 2000 feet(15" Reel)

  • Ship in15 Business days.

  • AC 120V

  • Unique Feature #1 Emulsion Side Direct Transferring:
    This unit comes with a custom LED light withDouble Diffusing System,replacement for the standard projection bulb. This allows you to directly scan the emulsion sideReal Time transferfor a higher quality transfer and you no longer need expensive hard to find replacement bulbs!

    Unique Feature #2 LED Dimmer Control:
    Our custom designed & built controller allows you to adjust the intensity of the built-in LED Lighting system, so you can optimally view and transfer overexposed and under-exposed film.

    Pro Maintenance Kit

    Film Cement, Brush, Film Gate Cleaner, Shaft Lub,

    Cleaning Cloth, Air Blower and Kelly Forceps.

    Unique Feature #3 ELMO Designed 5 Blade Shutter and "Sync Control" to get Filcker-Free , Ghost Line-Free!!

    1. Advanced IMAGE CATCHER:Custom Designed and Built to my own specifications for both the highest quality and best imaging results.I tested multiple designs and fixed all the current known issues common with other video transfer systems. (U.S. Patent Pending)

    Due to the small image size of 16mm film, any shaking or jittering is magnified the further away you must place the camcorder for digital capture. This feature combined with our vibration damping system eliminates ALL of the jittery images commonly associated with other systems.

    Special Features:

    • Ambient Light Elimination System. – Specifically designed to block out ambient light so you can convert your film in any surrounding light conditions. Does not need a dark room, no more reflections off of ceiling lights likeother type transfer equipment.

    • Professional High Quality Lenses – precision, professional quality and color corrected condenser lens (Made in Japan).

    • DVD Burner: Comes with Sony VRD-MC6 for SD DVD.

    • Video Camera:Canon HD Camcorder, It is not new, but comes with 6 month warranty.

      You could record on SD Card on Camerafor editing or burn DVD on real time or connect to your computer.

    1. Custom Pre-aligned Fixed TRANSFER STAND: As I researched and tested the design I noticed that most people would have problems with setting up the correct alignment for focusing and creating the best image quality. So I built a custom stand and did it for you. No more wondering if the alignment is setup correctly.

    2. Detailed Camcorder Alignment Instructions - The unit comes with detailed instructions for camcorder alignment (VERY CRITICAL), so that you know exactly how to setup your transfer system for the best possible image quality.

    3. Free Email Support – I will personally stand behind the quality of my systems and I want to make sure you understand how to both use the equipment to get the best quality results and ensure your satisfaction. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

    4. 6MONTH WARRANTY-FocusScan will repair your projector which you purchased fromme free of charge should your projector develop a mechanical or electronic problem.FocusScan will provide labor and parts to get your projector back to good working condition. IfFocusScan determines at its own discretion that the projector is not repairable, we will replace the projector with the same model free of charge. No refunds will be given. This warranty is valid to the original purchaser only from the date of purchase and excludes any damages by misuse or tampering. Purchaser is responsible for trip.

    5. Parts and Service Available

    6. Pro Maintenance Kit: The system comes with a pro maintenance kit. The kit has film cement, Brush, Cleaning Cloth, Film Gate Cleaner, Gear Grease, Air Blower and Kelly

      Some Frequently Asked Questions:

      A: My name is Chin Kim & I've owned Focus Photo (a professional photography lab573 S. Maple Rd. Ann Arbor, MI 48103 for over 26 years and have experience using everything from color negatives, slides, b&w photos, video tape transferring, movie film transferring, to the most current digital imaging. This is the exact system I use in my own lab and we have the capability of transferring up to 100 tapes per day. We're known across the country for our amazing imaging quality and customer service.

      Q: What is Achromatic Lens?

      Achromatic Lens Assembly

      An achromatic lens assembly ensures that all colors are focused at the same point. Achromatic assemblies are particularly good at compensating for chromatic aberration, an optical effect that can be seen as color fringing in the image, usually at high contrast edges. They also improve spherical aberration, an effect where a white point is projected not as a point but as an out of focus blurb.

      Optical Dispersion of a Single Lens

      A single lens bends different colors at different angles. When a beam of light passes through a single lens, the different colors are bend at different angles based on their wavelengths (called dispersion), and the lens will focus the different colors at different points. The result is chromatic aberration, an unwanted colorfringing that will lower the lens' resolution and that is also problematic in special effects matting and blue and green screen work.

      In a two lens achromatic assembly, one lens is compensating the dispersion introduced by the other. For such purpose, one lens is usually made in a crown glass with low dispersion, while the other is made of a flint glass with high dispersion. The crown lens performs the desired optical effect (for example magnifying an image) and introduces some dispersion, and the flint lens aims at balancing this dispersion while having the least possible optical influence itself.

      A: The Elmo projectoris The Best, all professionalsare looking for Elmo projectors.The Elmo is much better than Eiki in both build quality and performance.The durability, ease of use and projection results are far better than anything else on the market. This is essentially the Lexus of film projectors.

      Q: Why don't you use new projectors?

      A: We would like to use a new projector but no one makes new projectors anymore. We've found that these projectors work just as well after our thorough refurbishing process. And a new projector would only drive up the cost for you and I'm committed to giving you the best value for your money. The entire unit is completely refurbished prior to modification with all metal film surfaces professionally polished, belts replaced and all moving parts cleaned and lubed.

      A: No, you cancontrol the dimmer to adjust for optimal brightness for both over and underexposed film. You could use programs such as Pinnacle Plus or any video editing program on the market for more fine adjustment with a computer.

      A: I offer FREE email support to answer any questions you may have about setting up and using your new transfer system.

      My design, build and transfer quality and optical lenses are better than any other units on the market using a similar method.

      Again, please feel free to check out other systems and models, and also be sure to look at the photos and email me with any questions you might have. (even if it’s about another system or about film transfer in general.)

      Please check my Elmo Super 8mm Sound Transfer Systems on .

      Check my Positive response and offer Now With Confidence!

      Here’s what my customers are saying about this system....

      "Far better images compared to other system"

      "By the way, that lady that I was telling you about that was with us last night called me this afternoon. She said she had looked atother system from different companyat a friends studio and the images we did last night were far better! Really makes me feel good that I went with your system rather than theirs.

      "I finally got the chance to get back to my new projector over the weekend. I shot 13 movies, loaded into Pinnacle Plus, editedand transferred to DVD. Unbelievable, I am so happy with the results. Absolutely no flicker and crystal clear with brilliant colors and no blue and blurry edges. This is the machine you want to stick with, the colors and clearness ( sharpness )of the images with the machine are breath taking. Don't change anything else, you have the perfect machine. " Terry Wood bonaza3738

      I sold my systems to USA, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Thailand, France, New Zealand, Spain, Russia, U K, Italy, Norway, Ireland, Brunei, Sweden, Malta,Ireland,Belgium, Estonia, Qatar,switzerland, Vietnam, Romania,Germany, Macau,Brazil, Belgium,

      We sold to: US Fish and Wildlife Service.

      Clearwater City Public Library, FL

      WidenerUniversity Media Center.

      Memorial University in Canada.

      Case Western Reserve University.

      Portland State University.

      New York Film Academy.

      Sunny Purchase.


      Army Football Office, West Point

      University of Michigan, Medical Center


      University of Alberta, of Stony Brook University

      WTVR-TV/DT Richmond, VA

      San Francisco Art Institute

      Georgetown University

      The University of Denver

      University School of Medicine
      ABC13 | KTRK-TV | ABC owned station Thanks for looking, and good luck offerding!

      Check my Positive response and offer Now With Confidence!
      I sell more than 200 Units Worldwide(34 Countries) Every Year Please let us know your address for sample DVD.

      * Please check my Elmo, SankyoDual 8and Elmo 8mm Sound Transfer Systems on . Visit store:FocusScan

      FocusScanCopyright © 20018 Division of Focus Photo LLC, All Rights Reserved Froo | Froo Cross Sell, Free Cross Sell, Cross promote, Marketing, listing Apps, Apps, Application
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      Auctiva's FREE Counter
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