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Horned Leather Helmet Fantasy Mask Armor SCA LARP Ren Helm Norse Viking Medieval For Sale

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Horned Leather Helmet Fantasy Mask Armor SCA LARP Ren Helm Norse Viking Medieval:

PLEASE READ!!!! This design is initially priced in BLACK. Please contact me about colors and options from there as there may be additional costs. Time Frame/Estimated Delivery Date: requires all sellers to supply an estimated "Ship after the sale" time frame and, with my custom build listings, I have them set at 30 days. Very, very rarely do I actually need the full 30 days, that time frame simply covers me during heavy traffic times and certain times of the year when orders tend to pile up. I generally require closer to two weeks with some builds being faster, some a bit longer. Please feel free to email me with any time frame questions. Thanks! Please note: This item will be custom made for you after purchase and payment. Due to variations available, it is impossible for me to have on stock and list every possibility. Prices may vary for custom requests, please contact me with any and all questions. Horns, tails and other like options are limited to what I have on hand or can get my hands on so be sure to email and fully discuss these options with me first! The number available listed above does not represent the actual number on hand. As stated, this is a custom build sale. The number above helps keep the sale listed ;) Thank you! Important: From time to time I can get extremely busy and backed up. Please view the home page of my store for updates and notifications. You can do this by clicking the store selection under the View Seller's Other Items area above. I keep all applicable information there and feel free to email me any time with time frame questions. This sale is for a Horned Viking Medieval Style Leather Helm. This helmet can be made with many different color combinations, different nose piece conchos, spikes etc. Some examples and prices are: Color with black outlines or reverse - Nose piece and lames over the head - $15.00 Color with black outlines or reverse - Entire helmet - $25.00 (Most of this cost is due to brush work required for outline and color application techniques) Dragon Claw Spikes over the front of the head - $23.05 (Spikes can also be done down the cheek pieces and around the entire base of the helmet. Other options also can be done as well as other spike types chosen. Just ask and explain for prices and options) Chin Strap - $6.50 Horse tail - $85.00 (Due to legislation the slaughter of horses is no longer legal in the US and, thus, I no longer have a solid contact for the raw horse tails I used at one time for my plumes. I now use tail hair harvested from living animals for my plumes. $85.00 is the start price for basic black, reds, etc. Silver, grey, white. Are available from time to time at an additional charge depending on the color and cost) This gives some examples of prices and options for things I have done in the past. More options can be discussed and I am open to suggestion ;) Please note: I do not work with white or yellow. They are both a nightmare to work with and I still haven't figured out any tricks to keep me from screwing em up ;) Metallics tend to fall into this same category but I have found some metallic paints that work pretty well… The concho holding the nose piece on the helm will be your option, a list of the ones available is shown with the pictures in the listing. I will send over pics of the horns on hand (Horns are chosen and held on an as paid basis only) and other items I have available as we go along. The helm is made from 9 ounce dyed leather. I have doubled the temple and cheek pieces giving a total of 18 ounces of protection. I have hand cut, dyed, and sealed these helmets for weather resistance, as well as done some basic line work to give accent details. I have two horns mounted to the temple pieces of the helm giving a really great look! The horns are secured with a wood plug in the base, and then silver button head nails are run through the deerskin leather around the horn base to secure the plug. The deerskin then splays out under the horn plate and is riveted down. I then run three stainless steel screws (Maybe not the most medieval, but very effective!) from the inside of the helm into each wooden plug. The horns are permanently in place and are not removable, at least not without quite a bit of effort ;)Probably not going to be doing a lot of overhead sword/axe Conan style action but man does it look cool! If a fearsome appearance gives an advantage in battle, this is the helm to do it! This is a design I came up with, patterned and made myself. It is not some machine punched piece, produced in bulk and put together by a gaggle of half starved orphan kids. I made the original pattern to wear over a chain mail coif which, while wearing, gives me a brow measurement of 24 inches. Wearing the chain coif the helm fits comfortably, without, it would allow for a light padding. So, basically, it should fit up to a 24 inch head allowing for padding, etc. with any measurement below. Keep in mind, large noses, dreadlocks, giant pumpkin shaped heads and afros may affect the wearability of this item ;) I will contour the cheek and nose pieces to fit my face, they can easily be worked and molded to fit your face, if needed. I will rivet a leather "loop" on the back, top of the helmet to allow it to be carried on your sword belt via most types of tankard straps. That way you don't have to wear or carry it around all day at the faire, you can simply hook it to your belt. It also provides a place to attach streamers, tails, etc. Please ask any and all questions before the sale closes. Payment is due within 7 days of sale close. Please, if there are ANY problems before, during or after the sale, don't go all negative on me! It will be worked out if handled properly ;) Be sure to check and see if I have any other sales running, I do combine shipping! Thanks for looking!  Frequently asked Questions and Basic other Info: Sizes: The basic/standard size for my helmets is based on a 24 inch brow measurement - basically a measurement taken all the way around the head at eyebrow level - and is the most common size needed and sold. I do have a smaller version that fits up to about a 23 inch brown measurement and a larger size that fits up to about a 25 ½ inch brow measurement. If either of these two are what you are after be sure to let me know, otherwise, a standard sized helmet is what will be made for you. Horns: Horns are pretty much on a “What I have” or “What we can track down” basis. Please don’t send me drawings or pictures of horns and say that these are what you want and you want them in only this color - I get that all the time ;) Keep in mind, these are items that are grown on animals not built in a factory or magically plucked out of someone’s mind. I can only get and use what I can find, it is much easier to draw some crazy curved pair of horns than it is to actually find them… Exotic Horns: I can make helmets with ram horns, wildebeest horns, gazelle horns, buffalo horns, etc. but there is no set price other than the going market price on them. I do not stock exotics due to the cost involved. I get most of my exotics off of to tell the truth. You can search around and see what there is to offer but, please, don’t purchase and say this is what is to be used, not all horns will work. Definite discussion is needed on exotics. Horse Tail Plumes: I make all of my plumes myself, they are not plucked off of a shelf somewhere in a factory and sent to me to be stuck on helmets ;) When I say I make them myself, I mean I start with the tail hairs still attached to the salted and dried horse tail flesh just as it was removed from the horse‘s rear. I then trim the hairs, cull the shorter hairs, wax cord bind the ends, trim the end to a good mounting angle, seal the end into a solid plug and then leather wrap the base so that it can be mounted. My horse tails are totally natural so blue, red, etc. ain’t gonna really happen ;) The most common colors are black and chestnut. Whites and grays can be found from time to time but are rare and much more expensive due to the rarity. Also, horse tails are getting harder and harder to find so, please, don’t assume, ask. Colors: I do all of my color work myself and use alcohol based dyes instead of paints. The dye soaks into the leather and will not scrape off like paint will. This being said, on double colors, it really needs to be a color and then black. Dyes can’t be sprayed or daubed with two colors next to each other unless one is black, otherwise, they overlap and ruin each other. Dyes aren't like paint, they don't cover each other up making the desired color more pronounced, they only get darker and darker with each application layer. The good thing is that, with dyes, they won't crack or peel off like paints have a tendency to do. They last much longer and, in my opinion, look much better. Handmade: Unlike many items that claim to be handmade and are only said to be so due to the fact that, at some time during production, a human hand actually touched the item or touched a button which caused some machine to make the item, my items are actually made by hand by me. I literally start with the base flesh colored leather side of a cow and go from there. I lay out the patterns by hand, cut them out with a razor knife by hand, do all of the line and edge work by hand, punch holes by hand, do the dye and seal work by hand and do all the assembly by hand. So basically, when you receive your item and love it, it was all me ;) Also, if it is screwed up or wrong… well, ummmm… yeah, that was me too….. ;) Shipping Charges: Shipping charges are based on a guesstimate of an 18x18x24 inch box with a 12 pound weight. This is a pretty good start for these helms due to the horns. Weights and sizes of finished products will vary though and, if a smaller box or lesser end weight is applicable overcharges on shipping will be refunded. World Wide Shipping:I do ship worldwide but please be aware that there are some countries that have box size restrictions that will not allow me to ship these helmets due to the size of the box required. The horns on these helmets, especially the large horns, tend to need a rather large box ;) Some examples of these countries are Australia, Brazil and Dubai. This is not a complete list. If you click the shipping tab above and no shipping charges are displayed you may live in a country with these restrictions. If so, please, please contact me before making a purchase so we can discuss options. We can use smaller horns that will allow the use of a smaller box or, if you are willing to do a little assembly when you receive the helmet, I can assemble and mount the horns, then remove the horns and ship everything to you, along with all hardware needed. This, again, will let me use a smaller box. Due to 's infinite wisdom and inability to leave well enough alone, shipping insurance has now been removed as an option on items so, in order to cover myself on shipments, I am now required to revise all items and include it into the handling fees. This was explained to me by an associate who did no speak clear English as the fact that the seller should cover insurance fees and not the buyer but, since the buyer will not be covered if the item is lost or damaged during shipment without insurance it can be added into the handling fees instead so that insurance fees can be included and added to items?????????? Has the entire world lost it's mind? Anyway, the handling fees now include shipping insurance fees thus, thanks to , requiring insurance on all items rather than giving you, the buyer, the option.... Thank you .... Disclaimer: All of my items are produced as costume items and pieces only. Many of my pieces may meet regulation or requirements for certain events – be they sporting, recreation, Faire ware or the various fighting groups ranging from man to man combat or foam weapons all the way up to real weapons use – but are in no way certified or approved by any organization or group to be used as or qualified as safety equipment, life saving devices, body armor, body protection or like equipment so, in any and all activities in which my items may be used, the buyer/user assumes all responsibility for bodily harm, injury or any damages incurred by said items to themselves or others. Many of my items have spikes, horns and like protrusions that may cause bodily harm to the wearer or anyone within proximity to the wearer, by purchasing, wearing or using the items you, the buyer, wearer, user, accept any and all responsibility for any bodily harm, injury or damages that may be caused or incurred. Be sure to LIKE my page on Facebook. I have lots of pics and examples on there. Just search for Oristian Subculture.
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