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Single Leather Shingled Spaulder Armor articulated cosplay Gladiator SCA LARP For Sale

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Single Leather Shingled Spaulder Armor articulated cosplay Gladiator SCA LARP:

This spaulder is initially priced in BLACK but can be made in other colors, the initial listing price is for black. Some colors, such as solid browns and some other colors without outline work, do not change the start price. Color work with a black outline or the reverse is $25.00 Time Frame/Estimated Delivery Date: requires all sellers to supply an estimated "Ship after the sale" time frame and, with my custom build listings, I have them set at 30 days. Very, very rarely do I actually need the full 30 days, that time frame simply covers me during heavy traffic times and certain times of the year when orders tend to pile up. I generally require closer to two weeks with some builds being faster, some a bit longer. Please feel free to email me with any time frame questions. Thanks! Please note: This item will be custom made for you after purchase and payment. Due to variations available, it is impossible for me to have on stock and list every possibility. Prices may vary for custom requests, please contact me with any and all questions. The number available listed above does not represent the actual number on hand. As stated, this is a custom build sale. The number above helps keep the sale listed ;) Thank you! Important: From time to time I can get extremely busy and backed up. Please view the home page of my store for updates and notifications. You can do this by clicking the store selection under the View Seller's Other Items area above. I keep all applicable information there and feel free to email me any time with time frame questions. Optional Neck Guard (Pictured on Gothic Spaulder): $25.00 - An optional neck guard can be added to this spaulder as pictured above if desired. This price includes the 8-9 ounce leather upper piece that is riveted to the number one lame of the spaulder as well as the neck guard itself. The neck guard is two pieces of 8-9 ounce leather riveted together so that you get the skin side of the leather on both sides rather than the rough side being exposed on one side. The neck guard passes through the upper layer of 8-9 ounce leather on the number on lame and then spays out underneath it so that it is sandwiched between the base and upper piece. Screw posts are then run through all three layers to attach the neck guard and keep it firmly in place. Keep in mind, with the neck guard in place, helmets with horns mounted down, wings, etc. may hit the neck guard and interfere with overall wearability. This sale is for a Single Side Medieval/Fantasy Style Shingled Leather Spaulder and Belt Harness. This spaulder is made from 10-11 ounce leather. I have hand cut, dyed, and sealed this spaulder for weather resistance, as well as done some basic line work to give accent details. The arm strap has been left long so it can be custom cut to length or, as I prefer to do, be folded back under and tucked under the keeper. I have quite a bit of versatility and range worked into the chest belt/strap setup for a wide range of body sizes and fits. This spaulder can be made with spikes, color work, rivets, etc. Just get with me so we can work out a price. This set up will be made to be worn on the left or the right shoulder per your request, but can be adjusted via screw posts on the larger chest belt set up as well as the lower arm belt set up so it can actually be worn left or right side as you prefer. This is a design I came up with, patterned and made myself. It is not some machine punched piece, produced in bulk and put together by a gaggle of half starved orphan kids. Please ask any and all questions before the sale closes. Payment is due within 7 days of sale close. Please, if there are ANY problems before, during or after the sale, don't go all negative on me! It will be worked out if handled properly ;) Be sure to check and see if I have any other sales running, I do combine shipping! Thanks for looking and HAPPY offerDING! Due to 's infinite wisdom and inability to leave well enough alone, shipping insurance has now been removed as an option on items so, in order to cover myself on shipments, I am now required to revise all items and include it into the handling fees. This was explained to me by an associate who did no speak clear English as the fact that the seller should cover insurance fees and not the buyer but, since the buyer will not be covered if the item is lost or damaged during shipment without insurance it can be added into the handling fees instead so that insurance fees can be included and added to items?????????? Has the entire world lost it's mind? Anyway, the handling fees now include shipping insurance fees thus, thanks to , requiring insurance on all items rather than giving you, the buyer, the option.... Thank you .... Disclaimer: All of my items are produced as costume items and pieces only. Many of my pieces may meet regulation or requirements for certain events – be they sporting, recreation, Faire ware or the various fighting groups ranging from man to man combat or foam weapons all the way up to real weapons use – but are in no way certified or approved by any organization or group to be used as or qualified as safety equipment, life saving devices, body armor, body protection or like equipment so, in any and all activities in which my items may be used, the buyer/user assumes all responsibility for bodily harm, injury or any damages incurred by said items to themselves or others. Many of my items have spikes, horns and like protrusions that may cause bodily harm to the wearer or anyone within proximity to the wearer, by purchasing, wearing or using the items you, the buyer, wearer, user, accept any and all responsibility for any bodily harm, injury or damages that may be caused or incurred. Be sure to LIKE my page on Facebook. I have lots of pics and examples on there. Just search for Oristian Subculture.
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