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XD-10 DTS 35 or 70mm Stereo Cinema Processor Clean For Sale

XD-10  DTS  35 or 70mm  Stereo Cinema Processor Clean

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XD-10 DTS 35 or 70mm Stereo Cinema Processor Clean:


International Cinema Equipment Division

MTE is an Authorized

DTS Dealer

We arepleased to present for your

offerding pleasure another complete:


6-channel Stereo


Cinema Processor

With Power Cord

Suitable for use with 35 or 70mm Film

This is a commercial Cinema Stereo Digital Audio Processor.

It is not meant for home use with your home theater system.

It is meant for use with commercial Movie theater

or professional screening room Motion Picture Equipment.


The DTS System brings premier quality discrete multi-channel digital sound to the movies. The uncompromising DTS digital process set the standard of quality for cinema sound by delivering an exact copy of the studio master recordings to neighborhood theaters. This marks the ultimate performance possible in a cinema sound delivery system. Now, every moviegoer can hear the sound exactly as the moviemaker intended, without the limitation and degradation of analog optical sound or processes which attempt to put the digital audio data on the film itself.Because DTS prints have a conventional stereo optical track as well as the DTS timecode, a single inventory of prints can be used for all theaters. In DTS theaters, the optical sound track also provides a fail-safe backup. The DTS process makes digital sound an excellent and practical release format for all movies.

DTS XD10 Cinema Media Player

The DTS XD10 Cinema Media Player is engineered to deliver 10 channels of the highest quality digital surround sound, plus enhanced video for alternate media. The unit contains an internal hard drive capable of storing up to 30 feature film soundtracks.

The DTS XD10 will offer scalable multi-channel audio as well as DTS 96/24 playback and DTE NEO:6. Optional custom features include DTS-CSS (Cinema Subtitling System) Access technology for subtitling, captioning and audio description.

The DTS XD10 is a full-featured media solution with networking and pre-show programming capability. With the XD10, DTS launches the first product in our XD Series, designed to deliver high performance techology for today's progressive cinema.


Standard &Digital output for the DSP (digital signal processor) processors.

This will enable the signal processing to stay in the digital domain through the equalization and master volume control stages.

This system provides all the advantages of digital equalization as well as low noise level distortion through digital processing.

Items not mentioned in the offer are not included!

If you need a projector Bracket or other accessories please advise us and we will quote the cost for you.



TheDTS Systemis second only to Dolby in digital recording and playback systems globally Intalled and operating.

The first DTS film was Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park in 1993.

The technology employed by DTS is much the same as six track Dolby or Sony STDS. But the difference is in technique of storing and playback of sound in the theatre.

The DTS the digital sound track is stored separately on CD-ROM discs. The six tracks of digital studio data that are stored on CD-ROM are read by the DTS-6D processor and played back in absolute synchronisation with the film by reading a special timecode track that is recorded on the film along with the existing analog sound track.

Standard 35mm film prints contain traditional optical analogsoundtracks as well as Dolby Digital and DTSfor compatibility with every mono or stereo theatre. Therealso isa serial number which ensures that the DTS processor unit in the theatre will not play an incorrect CD-ROM disc. Many Prints also contain the SONY SDDS track as well.

The DTS system is unique since it isalso suitable for multi-language films where a common sound effects & Music trackscan be used and different voice can be dubbed in various languagesas required.

If you need 16-35-70mm Projectors, Xenon Lamps, Dolby & DTS Processors, Amplifiers, Speakers, Lenses, Splicers, Popcorn Machines, Seats, and other items for the Cinema check our other sales or consult with us.

Youwon't find thisitem so easily so don'tmiss Don't miss this opportunity!

Photos are typical of Several in Stock!

International Cinema Equipment

a Division of

Magna-Tech Electronic Co. Inc

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