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Celebrating the American Cinematic Experience
Throughout history, American film has raised the bar in a broad spectrum of elements, including technology, performance, style, innovation and experimentation. While filmmakers all across the globe continue to stun audiences with incredible cinematic masterpieces, our primary focus is on American-made works. From the backyard to the backlot, this country has harvested some of the most talented visionaries and storytellers known to man. ACEFEST (formerly known as "ACE Film Festival") is an annual celebration of these artists of the past, present and future. Technology has evolved so much soon enough, the cinematic experience became a collaborative effort and learning graphic design, production techniques and so much more has become crucial to the success of the end product.

By providing a nurturing forum for domestic film and video, we magnify the focus on this country's creative voice. There is no better time than now for Americans to express themselves and communicate, through their art, on an international level. ACEFEST sets out to embrace those who share their thoughts, dreams, opinions, fears and ideas through the eye of the lens.

Now in its fourth year, ACEFEST has caught the attention of countless filmmakers, artists, publications, companies and supporters. The annual celebration in New York City is considered to be one of the most anticipated events on the industry calendar, bringing together not only people from all over the United States, but all corners of the globe as well.

To learn more about past events, please visit our archive.

Helping The Filmmakers
Aside from the broader scope of our mission, we also strive to help the one thing that keeps us alive - the filmmakers. Without them, a blank screen is just about all we would have to offer an audience. ACEFEST take great pride in going the extra mile for each and every piece we select in our program. All selected films get their very own page on for artwork, interviews, synopsis, cast/crew information, trailers, clips and more. We take individual film promotion very seriously and work hard to build an eager audience for each piece we play, regardless of duration, content or genre. Beyond promotional efforts, we deliver a diverse New York City demographic to each and every screening, consisting of an exciting blend of moviegoers, peers, distributors, industry executives, press and more! Our location is key. Selected films play in the nervecenter of the world, New York City. Our low ticket prices not only make the film festival experience accessible to the general public, but enticing to all in an uncertain economy.

For a chance to have your work played at ACEFEST, submit now!
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