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Check out my other shop for new 8mm projector reels - I am the CINE specialist.20% brighter than standard projector bulbs Free 1st class U.K. Post + Discounted Airmail Shipping New high-quality German made Osram Xenophot halogen projector bulb to fit many cine & slide projectors including and many others (see complete list below). These Osram Xenophots are the ultimate replacement bulb as they are 20% brighter than standard projection bulbs and have a long life - you will not find a better substitute for your projector. 100 watt 12 volt projection light bulb (A1 / 231). I can also provide a replacement ceramic projector bulb holder if yours is corroded (very common - check your own!).Very reasonable buy-it-now price with FREE UK and discounted overseas delivery. Thank you for your time. Osram Cold Mirror Lamp Halogen 12V / 100W HLX GZ6.35 EFP - A1/231 - Type O 64627 - life: 50 hoursBrand: OsramType: 64627 2-PINLength:1.65 Inches - 42.0 MillimetersLife:50Colour Temp. (K):3400Bulb Shape:MR16Lumen:750 ± %Replacement for o.a.:ANSI EFP, LIF A1/231, OsramEFP HLX 64627 50Hrs, PhilipsEFP 6834 FO 50Hrs, Zeiss 38-00-79-904Fits Projectors:3M 300Agfa Movector 2000Agfa Sonector LSAgfa Sonector LS 2Batacon Sound 100Batacon Sound 102Bauer S101 Dual SystemBauer T171 SoundBauer T172 SoundBauer T179Bauer T18 SoundBauer T180 SoundBauer T181Bauer T182 Automatic DuoplayBauer T183 AVBauer T183 Automatic DuoplayBauer T184 Automatic DuoplayBauer T186 Automatic DuoplayBauer T192 Automatic DuoplayBauer T23Bauer T240Bauer T280 MultiformatBauer T430 Servo StereoBauer T450 Servo ProgramBauer T78Bauer T79Bauer T81Bauer T82 MultiformatBauer TR100 Retro-soundBauer TR200 Retro-soundBauer TR300 Automatic DuoplayBauer VisaluxBell & Howell 1481Bell & Howell 20XSBell & Howell 20XS(L)Bell & Howell 33STBell & Howell Filmosonic 1735Bell & Howell Filmosonic 1776Bell & Howell Filmosonic DCRBell & Howell MX40 ZBencini Comet P102Bencini P 140Bolex 102 MTC InstaprojectionBolex 18-3 DUOBolex 18-3 TC MultispeedBolex 18-6 MultispeedBolex 18-9Bolex 18-9 DuoBolex AV 24-12Bolex SM8Bolex SM80 ElectronicBolex SM80 ProgrammaticBolex SP 80Bolex SP 80 SpecialBolex SP 8EBolex SP8Bolex SP8 specialBolex Sound 715Bolex Sound 815Bolex Sound TSBraun Visacustic 100 MultiplayCabin LSP-510 SoundCabin LSP-511 SoundCabin MP-290Canon P-777Canon PS-1000 CanosoundCanon T2000 Sound Projector (AC model)Canon T2000 Sound Projector (DC model)Canon T3000 Dual Track SoundCarena Super SoundChinon C-200Chinon C-200 SChinon C-200 SPChinon C-300Chinon DS 300Chinon Direct Sound Auto-300Chinon IQ 3000 GLChinon IQ 4000GLChinon Sound 6000 - Model AChinon Sound 6100Chinon Sound 6100 ZChinon Sound 7000Chinon Sound 7800Chinon Sound 7800HChinon Sound 8000Chinon Sound SP-330Chinon Sound SP-350 Twin Track MagneticChinon Sound SP300 MagneticCinekon Instduo IQSCinekon Instduo IQS-FCinekon Instduo IQSMCinekon Instduo IQST-FCinekon Instduo S80Cinekon SD-800Cinekon SD-850Copal CP 70Copal CP Sound 301Copal CP Sound 401Copal CP Sound 402Copal CP Sound 422Copal CP Sound 501Copal CP Sound 505Copal CP Sound 515Copal CP Sound 520Copal CP Sound 525Copal Sekonic 290 Dual HLCopal Sekonic CP 77Elmo K-100 SMElmo K-110 SMElmo K-110 SM-EElmo K-120 SMElmo ST-100 Traveler seriesElmo ST-160 MElmo ST-180 M - 2 trackElmo Sound GS-800 MElmo Sound GS-800 MO StereoElmo Sound HiVision SC-18 M 2-trackElmo Sound ST-600 D M 2-trackElmo Sound ST-600 M 2-TrackElmo Sound ST-800 MagneticElmo VP-A100Elmo VP-D100Eumig 604 Super 8Eumig 614 DEumig 624 D-Model AEumig 624 D-Model BEumig 820 SonoMatic HQSEumig 820 SonomaticEumig 822 SonomaticEumig 824 SonomaticEumig Magnetton de LuxeEumig Mark 510 DEumig Mark 600 DEumig Mark 6001 DEumig Mark 601 DLEumig Mark 602D-Model AEumig Mark 602D-Model BEumig Mark 605 DEumig Mark 607 DXEumig Mark 608 DEumig Mark 610 DEumig Mark 610 D LuxEumig Mark S 710 DEumig Mark S 802Eumig Mark S 802 DEumig Mark S 810Eumig Mark S 810 DEumig Mark S 810 D LuxEumig Mark S OMEumig Memory Stereo 90Eumig R2000 InstaprojectionEumig RS3000Eumig S905Eumig S905 GLEumig S907 GLEumig S909 AutomixEumig S910Eumig S910 GLEumig S912 GLEumig S926 GLEumig S931 SupersoundEumig S932 SupersoundEumig S934 automixEumig S936 Automatic DuoplayEumig Sound 800Eumig Sprint K404Eumig Sprint K408Eumig Sprint K415Europa-foto 1000Europa-foto Sound 2000 LSP 511Exakta 450 SELExakta 480 SELExakta Duosound 225Exakta Variomatic 280SExpert 1006Expert 1007 SMExpert 1009 SMExpert S 4006Fuji-Film Fujiascope SH9Fuji-Film Fujicascope M36Fuji-Film Fujicascope M39Fuji-Film Fujicascope MX-50Fuji-Film Fujicascope SD-AutoFuji-Film Fujicascope SH7-MFuji-Film Fujicascope Sound SH6Hanimex 1000 IQ DLS instdualHanimex 800 IQ DLS instdual8Heurtier 240 Bi-FilmHeurtier Duo 942Heurtier Duo-PlayHeurtier DuovoxHeurtier Mono 42Heurtier Mono PlayHeurtier P6-24 Bi-FilmHeurtier P6-24B Bi-FilmHeurtier P6-24B super 8Heurtier P6-24SHeurtier P842Heurtier P942Heurtier ST 42Heurtier Stereo 42Heurtier StereovoxHeurtier Super8 240Heurtier Z40Hähnel HS 100 Auto SoundIfoco MP-290Imac 300 duo 8 de luxeImac 420 NV super 8Imac 420 VanguardImac DuamultimotionImac S8 De LuxeInfomaster MP 290Kodak Ektagraphic 120-PKodak Instamatic M66Magnon 800 Instdual IQ DLSMagnon 800 Instdual IQ ZRSMagnon 800 Instdual TQMagnon Magnon SD 800 Magsound - BlackMarexar Sound 707Marimex SU-510 SLMinolta Sound 6000Minolta Sound 7000Mirage Sound 8000Mirage Synchro Halogen de luxeNalcom 600S SynchromatNalcom 630S SynchromatNeckermann 290D HL ProfessionalNeckermann Exclusiv HL 5100 SoundNeckermann Exclusiv HLD 6000 TonNoris Exclusiv 1000Noris Exclusiv 3000Noris Exclusiv 3000 LNoris Norimat DeluxeNoris Norimat Deluxe - Model ANoris Norimat Deluxe DNoris Norimat Deluxe D - Typ Norimat SDNoris Norimat ElectronicNoris Norimat Electronic Studio 2000Noris Norimat SNoris Norimat SDNoris Norimat Special DNoris Norimat studioNoris Norisound 1000 super8Noris Norisound 110Noris Norisound 110 DNoris Norisound 112Noris Norisound 120Noris Norisound 210Noris Norisound 212Noris Norisound 220Noris Norisound 310Noris Norisound 310 DNoris Norisound 320Noris Norisound 322 PNoris Norisound 322 SNoris Norisound 322 SLNoris Norisound 332 DuoNoris Norisound 342 StereoNoris Norisound 410Noris Norisound 410 (TYP 850)Noris Norisound 4100 StereoNoris Norisound 4100 Stereo - filmtransfer modifiedNoris Norisound 412Noris Norisound 420Noris Norisound 422 PNoris Norisound 510 AutomaticNoris Norisound 512 Auto DuoplayNoris Norisound 810Noris Norisound 820 MultiplayNoris Norisound 840 StereoNoris Norisound 844Noris Record 100 automaticNoris Record 200 SMNoris Record 324Noris Record D100Noris Record L100Noris Record SMNoris Record SM1200Noris Record SM2Noris Record SM3Noris Record SMDNoris SonomatNoris Stratomatik M2000Noris SuperOmo Duo QuarzOptomax SD 800Pallas HS 910 All-8Pallas HS-1200 All-8 zoom (model P-111 Q)Pallas HS-1200 S-8 Zoom (model P-115 S)Pallas SMP 350Pallas SMP 400Pallas Soundmatic 1309Pallas Soundmatic 510Pallas Soundmatic 605Pallas Soundmatic 606Pallas Soundmatic 607Pallas Soundmatic 610Pallas Soundmatic 620 DTPallas Soundmatic 707Pallas Soundmatic 800 MPallas Soundmatic 808 DTPallas Soundmatic HS-1200 S-8 (model LSP-510)Pentor 630SPentor Dual 8 - 924 IQPolaroid Polavision Land PlayerPorst Sound 115Porst Sound BSP 10Porst Sound MT 10Porst Sound MT2Porst Superlux SD 8Porst Synchrolux SpecialPorst Synchroton S8Presenta Sound 5200Presenta Sound 6100Presenta Sound 7000 DuoplayPresenta Sound 7500 StereoPrinz Cabaret IQPrinz IQ 3000 GLPrinz Magnon Compere 8 SPrinz Magnon Duo IQPrinz Magnon Super IQPrinz Magnon Super Sound 1000Prinz Magnon TQ 3000 GLPrinz Mirage IQ de LuxePrinz P 1000Raynox 2000Raynox 3000Raynox DU 707 TCH 1200Raynox Sound 1010Revue 2000 LMRevue Lux 10Revue Lux 110Revue Lux 2003Revue Lux 205Revue Lux 220Revue Lux 3003Revue Lux 30aRevue Lux 30bRevue Lux 4000D SoundRevue Lux 5000 TonRevue Lux 5002 TonRevue Lux 5005 TonRevue Lux 6006 MLRevue Lux Sound 100RRevue Lux Sound 210RRevue Lux Sound 310Revue Lux Sound 330Revue Lux Sound 40Revue Lux Sound 50 ARevue Lux Sound 50 BRevue Lux Sound 510Revue Lux Sound 620Revue Lux sound 25Revue Lux sound 35Revue Universal 2000H SoundRicoh Hi-sound 1200MRicoh Trioscope 1200 SRollei P8400S MagneticRollei P840TSanjoh 914 SIQSankyo Dualux 1000-HSankyo Dualux 2000-HSankyo P-1600Sankyo Sound 301Sankyo Sound 401Sankyo Sound 501Sankyo Sound 502Sankyo Sound 600Sankyo Sound 700Sankyo Sound OMS-650Senfor-Takita Model 1000SIQSilma 120 SLSilma Alfa 01Silma Alfa 06Silma Alfa 08Silma Bivox D LUXSilma Delta 3 SoundSilma Delta 4 SoundSilma Delta 5 DuoplaySilma Delta 7 SoundSilma Memory 90 StereoSilma S101 Dual System ProjectorSilma S144Silma S232 XLSilma S250Tacnon 600STacnon Sound 606Tacnon Sound 707Tacnon Sound 808Takita Model 1000IQTakita Model 1000SIQTitan LSP 510 Super SoundVoigtländer Dynalux 8 soundYashica 8P-CYashica 8PC-NYashica Sound P810 OMYashica Sound P820 MagneticYelco ES-720 Electro AutoYelco MP-290Yelco MP-340Yelco MP-350Yelco MP-400Yelco P-111Q Halogen De LuxeYelco Sound 710Yelco Sound DS-607MYelco Sound DS-610MYelco Sound DS-614 MYelco Sound DS-620 MTYelco Sound DS-630 ELYelco Sound DS-630 MSYelco Sound DS-800 MYelco Sound DS-805 MYelco Sound LSP-510Zeiss Ikon Movilux P880Zunow Automatic Q ACUCAM 401 EFP, ACUCAM CONCEPT 3 EFP, ACUCAM INSIGHT EFP,ACUCAM NEW IMAGE EFP, ACUCAM SYSTEM 401 EFP, AGFA MOVECTOR 2000 EFP, AMERICAN DJ BARREL RAY EFP, AMERICAN DJ CENTURION EFP, AMERICAN DJ CHAMELEON EFP, AMERICAN DJ COLOR EXPANDER EFP, AMERICAN DJ COLORTEC EFP, AMERICAN DJ COLOTEC EFP, AMERICAN DJ DOUBLE FEATURE EFP, AMERICAN DJ DUAL COLOR EFP, AMERICAN DJ ELIMINATOR EFP, AMERICAN DJ ELIMINATOR/C EFP, AMERICAN DJ ELIMINATOR/SYS EFP, AMERICAN DJ FIRE FOX EFP, AMERICAN DJ FIREFOX EFP, AMERICAN DJ GOBO FLASH 4 EFP, AMERICAN DJ GOBO SPLASH EFP, AMERICAN DJ HYDRO EFP, AMERICAN DJ ICON EFP, AMERICAN DJ KRYSTAL EFP, AMERICAN DJ LC EFP,AMERICAN DJ POCKET SCAN EFP, AMERICAN DJ POCKET-SCAN EFP, AMERICAN DJ PRISMATIC EFP, AMERICAN DJ PULSATOR EFP, AMERICAN DJ ROTO-GOBO EFP, AMERICAN DJ ROTO-GOBO-OL EFP, AMERICAN DJ SAGA II EFP, AMERICAN DJ SIDEWINDER EFP, AMERICAN DJ ZB-EFP EFP, AMERICAN DJ ZB-JCR EFP, ARGUS 810ZIQ(DUAL MASTER) EFP, ARGUS 820ZIQ(DUAL MASTER) EFP,ARGUS 894 EFP, ARGUS 895Z EFP, ARGUS 896B EFP, ARGUS 898Z EFP, ARGUS DUAL MASTER 810ZIQ EFP, ARGUS DUAL MASTER 820ZIQ EFP,ARGUS LSP510 EFP,BATY GAGEMASTER 14 SURFACE: EFP, BATY GAGEMASTER 20 SURFACE: EFP, BATY GAGEMASTER 247-064 EFP,BATY GAGEMASTER 29 SURFACE: EFP, BAUER T 171 EFP, BAUER T 192 EFP, BAUER T 200 EFP, BAUER T 25 EFP, BAUER T 520 EFP, BAUER T 600 EFP, BAUER T 82 EFP, BAUER TC 25 SOUND EFP, BAUER TR 100 EFP, BAUER TR 300 EFP, BELL & HOWELL 21DCM EFP, BELL & HOWELL 21DCR EFP, BELL & HOWELL 33SR EFP, BELL & HOWELL DCR 8MM MOVIE EFP,BELL & HOWELL DCT 8MM MOVIE EFP, BELL & HOWELL FILMOSONIC 1776 EFP BELL & HOWELL FILMOSONIC DCR EFP, BELL & HOWELL FILMOSONIC DCT EFP, BELL & HOWELL MULTI MOTION 1481 EFP, BLV 1427 EFP, BLV 142715 EFP, BLV 1477 EFP, BLV 8503 EFP, BOGEN DICHRO (INTERNATNL.) EFP, BOGEN DICHRO 66, 67 EFP, BOLEX 18-3 EFP, BOLEX 714 EFP, BOLEX 715 EFP,BOLEX 815 EFP, BOLEX RP-10Z EFP, BOLEX S-421 EFP, BOLEX SM-8 SOUND SP-8SOUND EFP, BOLEX SM-80 ELECTRONIC EFP,BOLEX SM-80 PROMATIC EFP, BOLEX SM8 SP-80 EFP, BOLEX SP-80 EFP,BOLEX SP8 SPECIAL EFP, BOLEX SP80 SPECIAL EFP, BOLEX SP8E EFP, BOLEX SUPER 8 102MTC EFP, BOLEX SUPER 8 18-3 EFP, BOLEX SUPER 8 18-9 EFP, BOLEX SUPER 8 SM-8 EFP, BOLEX SUPER 8 SM-80 EFP, BOLEX SUPER 8 SP-8 EFP, BOLEX SUPER 8 SP-80 EFP, BOOTS COMET 103D EFP, BOOTS COMET 120 EFP, BOOTS COMET 122 EFP, BOOTS COMET P100 EFP, BOWENS DICHRO (INTERNATNL.) EFP, BOWENS DICHRO 66, 67 EFP, BOWENS MONOSPOT EFP, BRAUN NORIMAT S, PAXIMAT EFP, BRIDGER 1000 VE126 EFP, BULBRITE 761065 EFP CALUMET SERIES-2 (110V) SPOT-LITE EFP, CALUMET SPOT-LITE EFP, CARO ACOR 1002 EFP, CAULK INTRA VIEW EFP, CAULK OPTICURE NSK EFP, CHAUVET CH-19 EFP, CHAUVET OBESSION EFP, CHINON 7000MV EFP, CHINON 7500MV EFP, CHINON 7800M EFP, CHINON 7800MV EFP, CHINON 9500MV EFP, CHINON AUTO 300 EFP, CHINON C200 EFP, CHINON C300 EFP,CHINON DS-300 EFP, CHINON S EFP, CHINON SOUND 8 EFP, CHINON SP EFP, CHINON SP-300 EFP, CHINON SP-330 EFP, CHINON SP-330MV EFP, CHINON SP-350 EFP, CINEMAX CASSETTE VISION EFP, CINEREX 11Q1 EFP, COPAL CP-402 EFP, COPAL CP-402S EFP, COPAL CP-50 EFP, COPAL CP-525S EFP, COPAL CP-77 EFP, COPAL CPL-100-LAMP EFP, COPAL SEKONIC 290 DUAL HL EFP, COPAL SEKONIC CP77 EFP, CYGNUS CYGNASCOPE-100W EFPDAMAR 08104A EFP, DAMAR 8104A EFP, DELTRONIC 03000401 EFP, DELTRONIC 46000-401 EFP, DELTRONIC 46000401 EFP, DISCO HI-TEC AMERICA AQLM-100 EFP, DORESEY GAGE 16H EFP, DUALUX 2000H EFP, DURST AC707 EFP,DURST COLAMP 100S EFP, DURST M707 EFP,EFOS 3020 EFP, EFOS 5195 EFP, EFOS 5616 EFP, EIKO EFP EFP, ELMO ELMO VP-D100 EFP, ELMO ETC(S), (R) EFP, ELMO GS-800 EFP, ELMO HIVISION SC-18 EFP, ELMO K-100 SM EFP, ELMO K-110SM/E EFP, ELMO K110 SM EFP, ELMO K120 SM EFP,ELMO MAGNETIC 2-TRK EFP, ELMO SC-8T DELUXE EFP, ELMO SC18M EFP, ELMO SC18M-D EFP, ELMO SC18M-D-110SM-E EFP, ELMO SC18M-K-120SM EFP, ELMO ST-180 EFP, ELMO ST-180E EFP, ELMO ST-600 EFP, ELMO ST-600D EFP,ELMO ST-600DM,2-TRK EFP, ELMO ST-600ETC EFP, ELMO ST-600M EFP, ELMO ST-800 EFP, ELMO ST-800D/MO EFP, ELMO ST-800DM EFP, ELMO ST-800MO EFP, ELMO VP-A100 EFP, ELMO VP-D100 EFP, EUMIG 100SM EFP, EUMIG 16-532 EFP, EUMIG 510D EFP, EUMIG 5905 EFP, EUMIG 5910 EFP, EUMIG 5912 EFP, EUMIG 607D EFP, EUMIG 610D EFP, EUMIG 614D EFP, EUMIG 624 EFP, EUMIG 624D EFP, EUMIG 711 EFP, EUMIG 802 (LATE MODEL) EFP, EUMIG 810D EFP, EUMIG 820 SONOMATIC EFP,EUMIG 822 EFP, EUMIG 824 SONOMATIC EFP,EUMIG 8802D (LATE MODEL) EFP, EUMIG 912 EFP, EUMIG 930043 EFP, EUMIG 931-004 EFP, EUMIG 931.004/6 EFP, EUMIG DELUXE EFP EFP, EUMIG DELUXE HQS EFP, EUMIG EUMIG 711 EFP,EUMIG EUMIG 711-R EFP, EUMIG EUMIG R-2000 EFP, EUMIG EUMIG R-3000 EFP, EUMIG FAIRCHILD EFP, EUMIG K-415 EFP, EUMIG MARK 510 EFP, EUMIG MARK 510D EFP, EUMIG MARK 610 EFP, EUMIG MARK 711 EFP,EUMIG MARK S-706 EFP, EUMIG MARK S-802 EFP, EUMIG MARK S710D EFP, EUMIG MARK S810D EFP, EUMIG R2000 EFP, EUMIG RS3000 EFP, EUMIG S-804D EFP, EUMIG S-807 EFP, EUMIG S-807D EFP, EUMIG S-905 EFP, EUMIG S-910 EFP, EUMIG S-931 EFP, EUMIG S710D EFP, EUMIG S807 EFP, EUMIG S810D EFP, EUMIG SO & M EFP, EUMIG SONOMATIC EFP, EUROP SUPER 9.5 EFP, EYE / IWASAKI 84091 EFP, EYE / IWASAKI JCR12V100W/G1 EFP EFP FAIRCHILD FAIRCHILD EUMIG 711 EFP, FAIRCHILD FAIRCHILD EUMIG 711R EFP, FUJI / FUJICA / FUJIKARA EDR 12V-100W EFP, FUJIMOTO 411484 EFP, FUJIMOTO 65286 EFP, FUJIMOTO VR70 EFP, FUJIX / FUJINON EDR 12V-100W EFP GAGE MASTER 247-064 EFP, GAGE MASTER 29/GMX EFP, GE GENERAL ELECTRIC G.E 21278 EFP, GE GENERAL ELECTRIC G.E 41253 EFP, GE GENERAL ELECTRIC G.E EFP EFP, GENDEX 300124 EFP, GENDEX 300306 EFP,GENDEX ACUCAM + EFP, GENDEX ACUCAM -12 VOLT EFP, GENDEX ACUCAM III EFP, GENDEX ACUCAM PLUS EFP, GENDEX REGULAR ACUCAM EFP, GILWAY L7405 EFP, GUERRA 5132/3 EFPHAHNEL 1000H EFP, HAHNEL 2000HS100 AUTO SOUND EFP, HAHNEL 303 AUTO SOUND STANDARD DELUXE EFP, HAHNEL DUALUX 1000 EFP, HAHNEL HS 100 AUTO SOUND EFP, HAHNEL HS 200 AUTO SOUND EFP,HAHNEL HS1000 AUTO SOUND EFP, HANIMEX 1000 I.Q. EFP, HANIMEX 2RS I.Q. EFP, HANIMEX DLS I.Q. EFP, HANIMEX INSTADUAL I.Q. EFP, HANIMEX SR-9500 EFP, HERVIC CORP SILMA BIVOX D EFP, HEURTIER DUOPLAY 42 EFP,HEURTIER P6-24 SUPER 8 EFP, HEURTIER P6-24B EFP, HEURTIER ST-42 EFP, HEURTIER ST42 EFP, HEURTIER ST42 STEREO EFP,HONEYWELL NIKOR COLOR HEAD DA1 EFPIMAK CO. 300 EFP, IMAK CO. CARAVEL EFP, IMAK CO. DUAL 300 DELUXE EFP, INSTRUMENT TECHNOLOGY INC 125060 EFP,INTERNATIONAL LIGHT TECH GTL-OS-54189 EFP, INTERNATIONAL LIGHT TECH L7405 EFP, INTERNATIONAL LIGHTING 2022 EFP,INTERNATIONAL LIGHTING 29152 EFP, INTERNATIONAL LIGHTING DN-29152 EFP, IWASAKI 84091 EFP, IWASAKI JCR12V100W/G1 EFPJENA 150FOPM EFP, JENA 205565/6 EFP, JENA 55102 EFP, JENA SI64627 EFP, JENA SURGERY 110F EFP, JENA SURGERY 150F EFP KAVO OPTICA FIBER OPTIC UNIT EFP, KNOSS 100 DUAL EFP, KNOSS FP100 EFP, KNOSS SUPRA 8 F.P. 100 EFP, KODAK 120P EFP, KODAK EKTAGRAPHIC 120P EFP, KODAK INSTAMATIC M66 EFP, KODAK INSTAMATIC-M66 EFP, KODAK M105-P EFP, KODAK M66 EFP, KYOWA LB-060 EFPLEICA 098-145 EFP, LEITZ 098-145 EFP, LIF A1/231 EFP, LIF THE/43 EFP, LIGHT BULB / LAMP EFP EFP, LIGHT BULB / LAMP JCR/M12V-100W/10H EFP, LIGHT BULB / LAMP JCR12V-100W EFP, LIGHT BULB / LAMP JCR12V100W/G1 EFP, LIGHT BULB / LAMP JER12V-100W EFP, LIGHT BULB / LAMP JR12V-100WC/ST EFP, LITE SOURCE LS-46 EFP,LITE SOURCE LS-46-A EFP, LITE SOURCE LS-46-B EFP, LPL 32820 EFP, LPL 5281-2 EFP, LUMINESCENT LDL-3020 EFP, LYTEQUEST FANTOM EFP MAGNON SUPER 1.Q EFP, MARTIN ADVENTURE EFP, MARTIN DISCOVERY EFP, MARTIN LYNX 100 EFP, MARTIN SWEEPER EFP, MARTIN VOYAGER EFP, MEOPTA AXOMAT 4 COLOR EFP, MINOLTA COLOR ENLARGER II EFP, MINOLTA SOUND 6000 EFP, MINOLTA SOUND 7000 EFP, MINOLTA SOUND 7100 EFP, MURRAY AUTO SOUND EFP, MURRAY I.S.200 EFPNARVA 150FOPM EFP, NARVA 205565/6 EFP, NARVA 55102 EFP, NARVA SI64627 EFP, NARVA SURGERY 110F EFP, NARVA SURGERY 150F EFP, NEITZ FH-300 EFP, NEITZ L59 EFP, NEW IMAGE INDUSTRIES 300124 EFP,NEW IMAGE INDUSTRIES 300306 EFP, NEW IMAGE INDUSTRIES 600188 EFP, NEW IMAGE INDUSTRIES ACC019 EFP, NEW IMAGE INDUSTRIES ACUCAM + EFP, NEW IMAGE INDUSTRIES ACUCAM III EFP, NEW IMAGE INDUSTRIES ACUCAM PLUS EFP,NEW IMAGE INDUSTRIES ACUCAM-12VOLT EFP, NEW IMAGE INDUSTRIES INTRAVIEW EFP, NEW IMAGE INDUSTRIES MULTI CAM EFP, NEW IMAGE INDUSTRIES REGULAR ACCUCAM EFP, NIKON 81587 EFP, NIKON NEXIV ALL MODELS (VMR & VM SERIES) EFP,NIKON VERITAS ALL MODELS (VM SERIES) EFP, NIPPON SL-65 EFP, NORIS 342 EFP, NORIS DUO EFP, NORIS NORIMAT DELUXE EFP, NORIS NORIMAT S & SD EFP, NORIS NORIMAT STUDIO 2000 EFP, NORIS NORISOUND 310 EFP, NORIS NORISOUND 322P EFP, NORIS NORISOUND 322S EFP, NORIS NORISOUND 332 EFP, NORIS RECORD 100 EFP, NORIS RECORD D100 EFP, NORIS SM-3 EFP, NORIS SPECIAL D EFP, NORIS STEREO EFP, NSK 3020 EFP, NSK OPTICA FIBER OPTIC UNIT: EFP, NSK OPTICURE EFP, NSK U025-410 EFP OGP 521-963 EFP, OGP AVANT 400 EFP, OGP FOV SMART SCOPE EFP, OLYMPUS KMF-5 ILLUM. EFP, OLYMPUS SZ40-GFP EFP, OLYMPUS SZ61-GFP EFP, OPTICA M.F.914 I.Q EFP, OPTICA M.F.914S.I.Q EFP, ORAL VISION 1H9 EFP, ORBITEC H164627 EFP, OSAWA & CO FILMOSONIC DCR EFP, OSAWA & CO FILMOSONIC DCT EFP, OSRAM SYLVANIA 54189 EFP,OSRAM SYLVANIA 54921 EFP, OSRAM SYLVANIA 64627 EFP, OSRAM SYLVANIA 64627 HLX EFP, OSRAM SYLVANIA EFP,64627 HLX EFP, OSRAM SYLVANIA HLX 64627 EFPPANASONIC 121552 EFP, PANASONIC GPK S102 EFP, PANASONIC KS102 EFP, PATTERSON 085-2939 EFP,PATTERSON 6403020P EFP, PHILIPS 31488-0 EFP, PHILIPS 314880 EFP, PHILIPS 40937 EFP, PHILIPS 6834 EFP, PHILIPS 6834FO EFP, PHILIPS 6837 EFP, PHILIPS 6843 EFP, PHILIPS EFP EFP, PHOTO AMERICA CORP. CARENA 600Z EFP, PLANK SUPER 8T EFP, PRINZ MAGNON SUPER I.Q. EFP, PRO DENTEC PRISM EFP, PRO-DEN PRISM EFPRADIO SHACK 11679677 EFP, RADIO SHACK RSU11679677 EFP, RANGERTONE-HOKUSIN TV-518 REGULAR 8 EFP,RANGERTONE-HOKUSIN TV-518-SUPER 8 EFP, REVUE 2000H SOUND EFP, RILUMA PN161 EFP, ROLLEI OF AMERICA NIKOR COLOR HEAD EFP, ROLLEI OF AMERICA ROLLEIMAT COLOR HEAD EFPSANKYO DUALUX 2000H EFP, SANKYO SOUND 301 EFP, SANKYO SOUND 501 EFP, SANKYO SOUND 600 EFP, SANKYO SOUND 700 EFP, SANKYO SOUND 701 EFP, SAUNDERS 200-140 EFP, SAUNDERS 670DXI EFP, SAUNDERS 670DXL EFP, SAUNDERS 670DXL DICHROIC EFP, SAUNDERS 670MXI EFP, SAUNDERS 670VCCE EFP, SAUNDERS LPL ENLARGER EFP,SCALA VMS-70A EFP, SCHERR TUMICO 20-3500 SERIES PROFILE ILL. B EFP, SCHERR TUMICO 48-7747-00 EFP, SEARS 549924501 EFP, SEARS 9245 EFP, SENECA MEDICAL 112731 EFP, SILMA 1200 S.L. EFP, SILMA 120S EFP, SLD 8288 EFP,SLD CHAMELEON EFP, SLD ST7 EFP, SLD STROBETEC EFP, SPECTRA 2000 EFP, STARRETT PRECISION 34018 EFP,STARRETT PRECISION 34019 SURFACE ILLUMINATOR: EFP, STARRETT PRECISION HB350 SURFACE ILLUMINATOR: EFP,STARRETT PRECISION HE400 SURFACE ILLUMINATOR: EFP, STARRETT PRECISION SIGMA VF600 SURFACE ILLUMINAT EFP, STITZ VL1200 EFP, SUMMIT DENTAL 88879.9040 EFP, SUMMIT DENTAL APEX SIDE LAMP & MICROSCOPE EFP,SUMMIT DENTAL OMNIMET SIDE LAMP & MICROSCOPE EFP, SUPRA F.P. 100 EFP, SUPRA F.P. 100 DUO EFP, SYLVANIA 54189 EFP, SYLVANIA 54921 EFP, SYLVANIA 64627 EFP, SYLVANIA 64627 HLX EFP, SYLVANIA HLX 64627 EFP, SYLVANIA O-64627 EFP TAKITA 1000 EFP, THORN A1/231 EFP, TOPCON OMS-50 MAIN BULB: EFP, TUNGSRAM 52220 EFPUSHIO 1000271 EFP, USHIO EFP EFPVIDEO DENTAL CONCEPTS QUICK CAM 4.1 EFP, VIVITAR 2000AF EFPWETZLAR 098-145 EFP, WILD 098-145 EFPYASHICA P-810 EFP, YASHICA P-820 EFP, YELCO DS-630MS EFP, YELCO P111Q EFP, YELCO P35SH EFP, YELCO P35SRH EFPZEISS 18-9 EFP, ZEISS 30-32-87-9901 EFP, ZEISS 30-32-87-9902 EFP, ZEISS 30-33-12 EFP, ZEISS 3800-79-9040 EFP,ZEISS 9108491014 EFP, ZEISS EMCM2 MONO/DUO EFP, ZEISS FK30 FUNDUS CAMERA MAIN: EFP, ZEISS FL-30 VIEWING LAMP: EFP,ZEISS LFS200 EFP, ZEISS LS-200 EFP, ZEISS OPMI FR/FC EFP, ZEISS OPMI PRIMA EFP, ZEISS OPMI S7 HALOGEN: EFP, ZEISS OPMI-IFC EFP, ZEISS P-880 EFP, ZEISS S-1 EFP, ZEISS S-2 EFP, ZEISS S-21 EFP, ZEISS S-3 EFP, ZEISS S-4 EFP, ZEISS S3 STAND EFP, ZEISS S3B EFP, ZEISS SP-8 EF, ZEISS UNIVERSAL S3B EFP
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