Make it a Cinematic Valentine’s Day

Hey, you’re busy – let me plan the perfect Valentine’s Day for you!

The Plan:

1. Tell your date you’re going out to dinner, but surprise them by making a romantic meal at home. (Don’t forget the subtle touches like tablecloth, tall candlesticks, rose pedals, champagne, etc.)

2. Store-bought dessert is okay, but do not forget the dessert! (It shows you planned this and it wasn’t a last-minute cop-out from an expensive restaurant.)

3. Cuddle up on the couch, press play on Woody Allen’s timeless masterpiece ‘Annie Hall’ and watch your date melt in your arms.

Gift Ideas:
For Girls – Anything Marc Jacobs
For Guys – “Power by 50 Cent” Cologne

What business does this post have on a filmmaking blog? If you don’t watch ‘Annie Hall’ every opportunity you get, you don’t belong on this blog in the first place.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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