Thoughts on ‘If I Can Dream’ Episode 1

'If I Can Dream' on Hulu

Simon Fuller‘s latest television adventure ‘If I Can Dream,’ available exclusively on Hulu, brings a new twist to routine talent competition standards. Before delving into the show’s content too much, I’d like to address why we are choosing to cover it on this blog. ‘If I Can Dream’ follows 5 young individuals as they take the big plunge in Hollywood. The rags to riches stories, the waitresses who audition during the day and the guy living nickel to nickel in the depths of Brooklyn out of a suitcase just to get his chance – this is what ACEFEST is all about. Through our community efforts, promotional opportunities and networking events, we strive to give anyone and everyone the tools they need to succeed in the entertainment industry. For that, we applaud the purpose behind this show.

Essentially, ‘If I Can Dream’ is an interactive web series where users can watch one of 5 struggling artists live their day-to-day lives while trying to achieve success in LA. Amanda, Ben, Giglianne, Justin and Kara were chosen by the show’s producers from thousands of applicants and truly do seem to embody the wholesome hometown back story. I’m truly not getting the vibe that they are reality TV suckers by any means. They possess an innocence and minimal, yet present, uncomfortable shyness in front of the camera. I’m looking forward to watching them eat breakfast and blow dry their hair.

The first episode is about 20 minutes of introductions and 1 minute of content and 4 minutes of commercials. It was mildly boring yet understandably necessary. We got to meet 5 ridiculously good-looking twenty-somethings (it’s apparent that the Casting Director has a thing for gigantic lips). The next few episodes will show the cast jet setting around the globe to hype-up the series for a 6 week promotional tour that ends in their new Hollywood mansion. Not just any mansion of course – this one has over 60 cameras hidden throughout – Behind mirrors, by the pool, in the sugar bowl, you name it!

Once the show goes live, you’ll be able to follow any cast member you wish. It’s a revolutionary idea and no doubt a technological feat at the very least. Is this the future of television? I’m willing to guess YES (so get used to it). From what I understand, watching the show’s “general public content” is free on Hulu but you can also pay a monthly subscription fee to watch them drool in their sleep, among other mundane live things. If you saw the cast, I think you’ll agree Simon Fuller will have no trouble ripping that money out of the hands of millions of Americans.

Above and beyond entertainment value, this show is truly inspiring and I recommend any actors, models, filmmakers or musicians to watch. Contain your jealousy that you weren’t selected for this opportunity and absorb the many lessons there are to gain from your fellow fledglings.

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