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04.01.09 ACEFEST 2009 Season Press Release

Media Contact
Please direct all press inquiries to:

Visibility Public Relations
Len Stein
Since its inception in 2006, ACEFEST has been getting quite a bit of buzz throughout the industry. Take a moment to see our evolution unfold below:
NYC TV August 2008
City Scoop: Episode 20
by Olivia Sterns and Meena Dimian

"ACE Film Festival is the go-to event of the summer, bringing together over 40 independent films from across the country!"

"A New York City staple for three years now, ACE Film Festival is four full days of cinema, filmmaker talk-backs, parties and more! With $10 tickets, you really can't go wrong this weekend..."
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MovieMaker Magazine  
MovieMaker Magazine December 2007
A Total Cinematic Experience in New York City
by Alexis Buryk

"a unique twist on the old story."

“ACE Film Festival's location is a huge draw for moviemakers."

“The atmosphere could be described as young and trendy, with [...] a lounge in which moviemakers and guests could mingle."
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The New York Times  
The New York Times August 2007
Passion for Film Spurs New Festivals
by S.T. VanAirsdale

"[The Organizers] conceived the event in part as a response to the ambivalence their own work faced in the festival establishment."

"New York, [The Organizers] decided, needed a home for modest American independents overlooked by mainstream monoliths like Tribeca and smaller festivals with more thematic interests."
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Upstage Magazine  
Upstage Magazine August 2007
Inside the ACE Film Festival
by Jacob Callis

"[The Organizers] have through little more than drive and passion, created one of the most talked-about festivals in the New York metropolitan area."

"[The ACE Film Festival] seems to possess an unusually high level of professionalism as well as an impressive sense of grandiosity."
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The Daily Orange  
The Daily Orange May 2007
Alumni-Created Film Festival to Debut in NYC
by Andrew Kase

"[The Organizers] wanted to focus on independent work and highlight the art house aspect of film festivals"

"Hundreds of submissions were received for the festival, and the [Organizers] received a lot of help from corporate sponsors and nonprofit organizations."
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The Post-Standard  
The Post Standard April 2007
Within an ACE of...
by Jessica DeRubbo

"I was very impressed by [the Organizers]. I think it's a fantastic idea."

'[The Organizers] could not be more dedicated to this', says Daniel Koffler, managing director of the Broad Street Ballroom [...]. 'They are total pros right out of the gate, and that's saying a lot."
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OurTown Downtown  
OurTown Downtown February 2007
The New Angle
by Matt Elzweig

"I’m totally in love with the idea. I think it has the potential to be the next Tribeca Film Festival”

"The area needs something to bring all the neighborhoods of Lower Manhattan together, and [...] the ACE Film Festival could be it."
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