Los Angeles Wants its Film Crews Back

When the economy turned down, filmmakers turned to other locations to make their movies. Los Angeles was home to a whopping 66% of film productions in 2003. That number has since dive-bombed to 31%. The drastic decline has a detrimental effect on employment and the local financial situation as a whole.

L.A. has become the kid in the cafeteria that smells like cat urine.  Perhaps that’s a bit harsh, but the numbers speak for themselves. However, FilmLA is working with CA government to launch a massive marketing campaign to drive productions back to the City of Angels. The efforts will include everything from bus stop ads to TV commercials.

Pressure to take action has mounted as the region has lost thousands of production jobs to other locales, sapping an industry that still generates an estimated 250,000 jobs in Los Angeles County.

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