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Tuesday, September 28, 2010 15:26
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You can read it here… big stuff going on at ACEFEST!

“Big City Big Dreams” This Friday in NYC!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010 16:52
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The Entertainment Industry Social Event of the Year

Official Opening Night After-Party of ACEFEST 2010
Friday, August 20th
9pm – 4am

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to meet, mix & mingle with rising stars in the Entertainment Industry at one of Manhattan’s most-exclusive private lounges, Luxe! This is your chance to make priceless, lasting connections with actors, filmmakers, producers, writers & casting directors from all over the country. Online RSVP is required to attend.


AM NY Restarts the Coney Island Conversation

Thursday, August 12, 2010 11:55
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The cover page of today’s AM NY newspaper is a testament to the potential future of our beloved Coney Island. The area’s revitalization has been an on again-off again hot topic for years and the conversation appears to be back on the table.

The waning days of summer are always bittersweet on Coney Island. But in recent years, the angst isn’t just a simple case of the end-of-season blues. It’s a gnawing uncertainty about how much of Coney’s treasured lore will survive into the next summer.
– Rolando Pujol, AM NY

Whatever fate may be in store for Coney Island, there is no denying the history, legacy and magical story behind this world-renowned attraction. ACEFEST is excited to be screening Last Summer at Coney Island in this year’s lineup. Please join us on this truly wonderful journey, led by master documentarian JL Aronson.

Download the Aug 12 edition of AM NY PDF

‘Last Summer at Coney Island’ plays Sat, Aug 21 at 3:20pm
Tickets / Info

Austin, We Love Ya!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010 22:39
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As I mentioned in an earlier post, the opportunity to expand our Film Industry Bash‘s to other geographic locations has been an eye-opening experience. This past week, we broke the seal on Austin, TX. In case you are unaware, Austin is a force to be reckoned with as it quickly gains recognition as one of the fastest-growing creative communities in America. Filmmakers, from the backyard indies to the big-budget suits, are flocking there in droves. It’s production incentives, professional resources, local talent pool and priceless natural backdrops make Austin a real contender in race for “New Hollywood.”

It’s impossible for me to post about Austin, TX without discussing my personal experience in working with the industry folks down there. Ya know, it’s not easy being the new kid in school – and when you’re promoting a massive event to a tightly-knit community, that’s exactly how it feels! Did locals chew us up and spit us out? No! I personally took the marketing of this event under my wing. I knew the industry was much smaller, respectively, than here in New York City and I felt we could have a shot at reaching a good portion of it, if handled correctly. All we needed was a little help – and help we got! Never before in all my experience have I felt such a warm, inviting welcome into a group. People were Twittering, Facebooking and buzzing all day long about the party, local companies and organizations were lending their resources to helping out – it was unlike anything I’ve ever come across in this crazy cut-throat business.

Austin, TX is an unrealistically friendly town with a film industry more reminiscent of a family than a group of professional acquaintances. It looks to me like hearts are bigger in Texas!

I’d like to specifically thank our co-host Lucky Rabbit Films, our sponsors Grey Goose, Magic Hat, Rare Magazine and The Texas Film Commission. We also picked up a few new friends along the way, such as Austin Film Society, Austin Film Meet and a handful of dedicated Meetup groups. I’m happy to report we’ll be back in town in a few short months for another Bash not soon to be forgotten!

Time to Play!

Saturday, July 17, 2010 13:39
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I thought it would be appropriate to introduce our readers to a world that was completely foreign to me a month ago – designer toys. It was late June and we were putting the finishing touches on our 2010 program. Just a few hours before we planned on notifying the selected filmmakers, a lonely envelope appeared in the ACEFEST PO box. Little did we expect the contents of that unsuspecting 6×9 package had the power to send us back to the drawing board with our latest schedule draft.

The Vinyl Frontier‘ was a pleasant surprise, almost as if it were sent from the heavens above by some mystical cinematic force. It opened our eyes to a world of creativity, expression and collective passion. Designer toys are short-run, limited edition items made by artists from all over the world who come from all corners of the industry including graphic design, illustration and painting.

The now massively popular art-form originated in the 1990’s and still has unlimited growth potential on a global scale. ‘The Vinyl Frontier’ takes the audience on a journey into this underground world introducing us to the legends in the industry as well as outlining the fascinating process of making these figures from concept to completion. This documentary has plenty of local appeal, wonderful stories to be told and an incredible perspective on a sub-culture you may never have known existed otherwise!

‘The Vinyl Frontier’ plays Sat, Aug 28 at 8:20pm
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‘Earthwork’ Trailer Featured on /Film

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 15:38
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( is a daily destination for countless cinema fans and just so happens to serve as my personal movie trailer resource. You can imagine my excitement to find ACEFEST‘s very own ‘Earthwork‘ trailer featured last week! And for the record, /Film’s review of the trailer would translate perfectly to a review of the full-length film as well.

‘Earthwork’ plays Sat, Aug 21 at 6:40pm
Tickets / Info

June 25th Film Industry Bash Recap

Wednesday, June 30, 2010 11:28
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Well, this party just may have been our best yet! Over 200 film industry professionals gathered at the exclusive Luxe Lounge in the Midtown-West area of Manhattan for an evening of mixing, mingling and bowling (yes… BOWLING!) We’ve received excellent feedback about the venue, quality of guests, music and atmosphere. No matter what club we use or what city we’re in, it seems that every networking event we host, the need for opportunities like this become more apparent. What a fun and exciting way to make valuable new contacts!

If you were unable to attend, no worries – we’re hosting our Opening Night After Party at Luxe again on August 20th so mark your calendars! If you were there, sit tight – photos will be emailed in the next few days.

Going Mobile with filmmaking

Wednesday, June 2, 2010 15:21
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Let’s face it.  At least 65 percent of the planet owns some kind of mobile device – cell phone, portable music player, GPS navigator etc… and  mobile  technology is becoming smaller, faster and, well…mobile-er.  Because of this, 25 percent of cell phone users world-wide have used their devices to shoot video.  Most of these videos are deleted or forgotten about –  never to see the light of day and much less, the silver screen.

Mobile filmmaking is gaining a presence for itself simply because these devices capable of video capture are always where the action is (for example, at the karaoke bar around the corner) and ‘directors’ are coming up with better material and better production methods every day.  Here are some tips for making your next mobile masterpiece a hit.

They say that it is easier to forgive poor video quality than it is to forgive poor audio quality.  Mobile filmmaking is no exception to this and until your flip phone has its own stereo condenser mic built into it, you should always record audio separately using a digital recorder and some decent-quality microphones.

Although no amount of editing can fix bad camera work,  some patience and the right tools can put you on the right path to success.   Keep your shooting short, sweet, and stable if you can help it.  Shorter shots mean less room for wobbly camera work.

Being able to export video from your mobile device to a familiar format (ie Apple’s Quicktime or Windows Media) is a definite plus because the most popular video editing software titles  support a multitude of formats.

Mobile filmmaking is still very much in its infancy and we at ACEFEST urge you to go out and experiment with different techniques and subject matter.  Who knows, the next thing you shoot on your cell phone could be the next viral video sensation!

ACEFEST Makes MovieMaker Magazine’s Top 25 of 2010!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010 19:20
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The Spring 2010 issue of MovieMaker has hit the shelves and they’ve named ACEFEST one of the TOP 25 FILM FESTIVALS WORTH THE ENTRY FEE! We couldn’t be more honored or humbled by this recognition. It’s an achievement marking 4 years of putting our filmmakers first and never wavering from our original mission of curating, promoting and celebrating the American Cinematic Experience!

A free one-year subscription to Videomaker isn’t the only perk ACEFEST has to offer (though it’s certainly a great one). “Filmmakers submit their work to ACEFEST because they know of our undying devotion to selling each and every seat in their screenings,” says executive director Tom O’Malley. “Every last film, from the epic feature to the 30-second animation, is given the utmost attention in all marketing efforts and play on an equal forum with one another, regardless of budget, star appeal, genre or content.” This marketing focus includes a dedicated page on the fest’s website.

Thanks to everyone who has submitted their blood, sweat and tears to ACEFEST in the past and anyone who will enter in the future. It’s all about you!

Entry Deadline is June 2! Submit now

ACEFEST Expands Industry Parties to New Markets

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 10:11
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, Manhattan’s beloved annual grassroots film festival, whose mission is to cultivate, promote and preserve American independent cinema and encourage networking among its followers, is kicking-off its fourth season with industry parties in three major cities: Los Angeles, Austin and, of course, New York City. Read the rest of this entry »