Case Study: Splinterheads

This is the first in a series of case studies I plan to do on creative independent film marketing. One of our esteemed ACEFEST Judges, Brant Sersen, wrote and directed a star-studded film entitled ‘Splinterheads‘ this past year. For their theatrical premiere in New York City, the ‘Splinterheads’ took over Union Square for the entire day on Friday, November 6th. They made it nearly impossible to live in Manhattan and not know about the film by the end of the day. Using elements of the film, they created a themed wonderland for passerby’s to enjoy and participate including amusement games, entertainment and free clown noses – all capped off by screenings at one of NYC’s largest theaters.

Aside from the on-site promotion this team has done, they have also been experimenting with plot-based viral marketing. This is a brilliant way to gain extra attention for your film. The goal is to create a fan base for a particular character in the movie. In the case of ‘Splinterheads’ it was The Amazing Steve, a hilariously self-absorbed magician who has used YouTube and Facebook to challenge Criss Angel to a battle of skill and illusion.

This is a perfect example of getting creative to get the word out. Your only limitation is your imagination!

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