Go Viral with Your Trailer

This just in – without major studio distribution and a $100 million marketing campaign, your film has no chance against Hollywood blockbusters! SHOCKING! Actually, that’s common sense. So how do you generate interest in your film screenings and DVD sales? Viral media.

Why go viral with your trailer/teaser? Millions of strangers could potentially be advertising for you all day, every day without you spending a dime. How’s that sound?

How many times have you been sent a movie trailer by a friend or co-worker to watch? What were the elements and qualities of that video that prompted them to send it to you? There will always be exceptions but chances are it was uniquely funny or quirky in some way. Most viral videos are. If you can create a piece of viral media that viewers willingly pass around to 2-3 of their friends, and THEY pass along to 2-3 of THEIR friends, and so on and so on, all while promoting YOUR film, wouldn’t you do it? Then do it!

Your best bet is random comedy. Think Super Bowl commercials. Everyone feels they are “so their type of humor.” Wow, Doritos really gets YOU! Wrong – they get everybody. And just like they draw worldwide attention to their product, so can you! This isn’t easy and if there were a set formula to creating a viral trailer, then every film and every brand potato chip and every domain registrar would be a huge success.

What if your movie isn’t a comedy? Your chances of “going viral” are slightly less. Not impossible – but less. Do friends pass along movie trailers for dramas, actions and romance movies? YES. Will they do that for yours? Probably not. Because they only do that for highly-anticipated comic book remakes and book/movie options that you do not have the budget or rights to pull off. So, if you can’t go the comedic route, at least attempt quirky and interesting with your trailer.

Perhaps this blog post isn’t quite as developed in writing as it was in my head but I hope it got you thinking. Comment below and leave your two cents on the subject.

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